Super K (Kiara the Brave)

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Super K (Kiara the Brave)
Super, Super, Super, Super K! Super K!
Genre: Animation
Starring: Zachary Tomosunas
Anthony Lawson
Raphael Siary
Pamela L. Houle
Michael Yeager
Steve Vernon
Marc Matney
Steve Rassin
Photography: Color
Release Date: November 11, 2011 (India)
June 19, 2012 (USA)
Runtime: 95 minutes
Country: India

Super K is a 2011 Indian computer-animated sci-fantasy film made by Indian animation studio Shemaroo Entertainment and directed by Vijay S. Bhanushaili and Smita Maroo.

When American home video distributor Phase 4 Films got the rights to the film in 2012, they decided to rename the film to Kiara the Brave to cash in on the success of Pixar's Brave despite having nothing to do with it whatsoever, besides one of the film's major characters bearing resemblance to Merida from Brave.


Dreamzone is a special world in the Galaxy, ruled by the kindhearted King Maximus. Unknown to him, his brother Badmess is plotting to overthrow him. Badmess creates Super K, a boy superhero, using the powers of all the Dreamzonians. But a goof-up causes Super K to turn out a freak, unable to control his powers, and he is deserted by Badmess. Badmess befriends the evil Dr. Ozox, a masked alchemist who has his own sinister plan to take over Dreamzone.

Super K and his friends come together to protect Dreamzone from the evil clutches of Dr. Ozox, but at the same time, Super K has to learn to control his powers.

Why It Sucks

  1. Yet another mockbuster of Pixar films.
  2. False advertising: The actual film has absolutely nothing to do with BraveGMW whatsoever and Kiara isn't even the main character of the film, as that goes to the film's original title, Super K.
  3. Nasty and sickening animation. It's notably freaky on the people, especially Super K, whose wide eyes are always in front of the camera.
  4. The character designs are ugly and awful.
  5. The film's setting is all over the place.
  6. Incredibly bad voice acting.
  7. Childish and insulting dialogue (such as when Super K inspires the kids of the kingdom to fight, their motto is literally "Kid Power!" along with Badmess saying "This kingdom should be mine).
  8. Several uncreative character names, notably "Accidentally" and "Suddenly", the two lizard henchmen.
  9. In some of the scenes, the lighting is inappropriately put in places where it shouldn't.
  10. Awful lip-syncing.
  11. Badmess, one of the movie's antagonists, looks way too similar to Jesus Christ and his goal was just to overthrow his brother, King Maximus, so that he can be king of the Dreamzone for no reason.
  12. Dr. Ozox looks like a prototype version of Snoke from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, his transformation into a tentacle monster looks silly.
  13. Super K and Kiara are clear rip-offs of the title character from Disney's HerculesGMW and Merida from Brave respectively.
    • Kiara's design also looks like a rip-off of that of Fiona from ShrekGMW.
  14. The plot doesn't make any sense at all.
  15. Forgettable musical score.
  16. One scene involves a singing hydra (yes, really) and one head sings about having "something tastier than dong sauce", which is highly inappropriate for a kid's animated film.
  17. Weird science elements, especially when the wizard Mesmeriser (and we're not joking about this) brings out a Medieval-themed Laptop just to get the plot to move on.
  18. There's a scene that rips off the mill swordfight scene from Dead Man's Chest.

The Movie