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Strawinsky and the Mysterious House

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Strawinsky and the Mysterious House
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"I am the yeast of t̶h̶o̶t̶s̶ thoughts and mind."-The Globglobgabagalab
Genre: Animation
Directed By: David Hutter
Written By: Olaf Franke
Starring: Lucy Stiles
Andew Baker
David Playle
Thia Maidment
Tony Halstead
Fran Penberthy
Eric Clayton
Jonathan Lambert
Bridget Bree
James Cole
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Hope Animation
Release Date: December 4th, 2012
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Country: United Kingdom

Strawinsky and the Mysterious House is a 2012 British religious children fantasy adventure animated short film created by Hope Animation.


It tells the story of four talking animals that discover a hidden mansion in the middle of a secret forest. They start exploring the house and encounter strange inhabitants such as a depressed cello, a manic troll, and an overweight creature that is addicted to the books in its basement.

As Strawinsky, the hero of the story, tries to solve the mysteries surrounding the house, his friends get trapped in the underground library. It’s up to Strawinsky to find a way to break the dark spell and help his friends to escape from the evil lurking within the mysterious house.

Why It Hates Books

  1. Terrible morals. The movie essentially claims that all books are Satanic except for the Bible, despite the trailer claiming that it was inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings.
  2. While the title of the movie is mostly right, it's technically misleading due to the fact that the characters go to a mysterious mansion, not a mysterious house as the title implies.
  3. An extremely confusing plot that is hard to even remotely understand. For example, one of the main plot points (as previously mentioned in WIS# 1) is that books are evil and put those who read them under evil spells (not to mention how it's never stated why exactly that's the case). And at one point, the Globglogabgalab states he doesn't read books, but rather consumes their thoughts (and again, there's no explanation as to how this works) which makes absolutely no sense.
  4. Horrendous and low budget animation. The character animation looks stilted and their movements are completely unnatural.
  5. Confusing character designs. Strawinsky is said to be a mole, but he looks a lot more like an otter. Plus, the Scarlet Queen's design also has poor anatomy, her arms being way too short.
  6. Characters get introduced with no proper introduction, such as the Scarlet Queen and most notably the Rat King, who just sings a song and then never comes back.
  7. The Globglogabgalab's appearance is rather uncanny, which can make him come off as unintentionally creepy, especially for a kids' movie.
  8. Cringeworthy songs with horrendous singing voices. They typically sound as if the singer character's own voice is heard echoing in a different key while the singer sings it in the specific time he/she (but in general, none of the main female characters get any musical numbers nor sing, this leaving it all to the male characters, unless if counting the anthropomorphic book characters who sing in the musical number "Read Us...") sings in.
  9. The scene where Strawinsky's friends are frozen in place reading the books is a sign that the animators didn't want to animate the models, and they just took the lazy way out.
  10. The main characters state the obvious constantly.
  11. Mediocre voice acting that sounds like the voice actors deeply don't desire to be starring in the movie. Many of them are also incredibly annoying and sound the voice actors aren't even trying. But some instances are particularly awful. For example, the Cello sounds like they're gloomy and sad (which kinda makes sense given the context of the story) and the Troll's voice is irritatingly nasally and stereotypical judging by the fact he is depicted wearing Scottish clothes with a Scottish accent, which could make him a stereotype towards Scottish people (though some Scottish people in general do wear the aforementioned attire consisting of a kilt and Balmoral Beret in reality, it his character that makes him somewhat stereotypical).
  12. The lip-syncing is very poor, as the mouths just randomly open and close without even trying to match what the characters are actually saying.
  13. The camera constantly moves around and it can get incredibly nauseating at times. A major example of this is when Strawinsky first hears the cries of his friends after leaving them alone in the underground library. And the camera zooms and swirls around him uncontrollably.
  14. The word "Enchanted", used by one of the main characters in the beginning, may confuse its target demographic if they are around 3-5 years old.
  15. The narrator sometimes states inaccurate information.
    • When the four friends were getting through the gate, he said he squeezed through it, when that's false.
  16. The part when Strawinsky's friends scream for help is unintentionally very disturbing for all audiences.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Rat King's song, as stated earlier, is actually quite catchy and sounds decent to listen to. The Globglogabgalab's song is also quite catchy, despite being bizarre.
  2. Most of the models are the only thing faithful (no pun intended) to the original audio-drama mini-series.
    • The credits also use artwork from the book adaptation of the third episode of the audio-drama.
    • The models were made by Comic Pear, the creator of the Cool Squad video game series.



PhantomStrider placed this as the #1 worst book-based movie in his 5 Worst and Best Book Based Movies. He also states that if he knew about this that he would put it in his Top 6 Worst Religious Movies and Top 10 Worst Animated Movies lists.

This movie got a 3.1/10 on IMDb.


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