Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

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Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
2011 - Spy Kids 4D.jpg
If you're making a comedy, then don't try to put toilet humor in after you saw an actress' baby defecate.
Genre: Spy Action
Directed By: Robert Rodriguez
Written By: Robert Rodriguez
Starring: Jessica Alba
Joel McHale
Alexa Vega
Daryl Sabara
Rowan Blanchard
Mason Cook
Ricky Gervais
Jeremy Piven
Distributed By: The Weinstein Company
Release Date: July 31, 2011 (Los Angeles)
August 19, 2011 (United States)
Runtime: 89 minutes
Country: United States
Prequel: Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, also known as Spy Kids 4D: All the Time in the World, is a 2011 American 4D spy adventure comedy film written, co-produced, and directed by Robert Rodriguez, and is the fourth and final installment in the Spy Kids film series.


OSS agent Marissa Wilson is attempting to capture a criminal named Tick Tock, who purchases a mini-disk stolen from OSS. Despite being nine months pregnant, she continues her pursuit against the admonitions of her boss Danger D'Amo. Tick Tock is captured and the mini-disk, which contains information on a weapon of mass destruction called Project: Armageddon, is retrieved.

At the hospital, Marissa meets her spy-hunting TV host husband, Wilbur, who thinks she is an interior decorator, and her two stepchildren by him, twins Rebecca and Cecil. After giving birth to a daughter, Maria, she decides to retire. Rebecca does not accept Marissa as a replacement for her deceased mother, and delights in playing pranks on her. Attempting to strengthen her rapport with Rebecca, Marissa gives her a red-sapphire necklace that she says her own parents gave her when she was Rebecca's age.

The media report that time is speeding up at an increasing rate. A criminal mastermind called the Time Keeper claims responsibility, saying he will unleash Project: Armageddon as punishment upon a society he believes wastes time with meaningless pursuits instead of treasuring time with one's loved ones. The Time Keeper demands that Tick Tock bring him the Chronos Sapphire, which is revealed to be the jewel in the necklace Marissa gave Rebecca. The OSS calls Marissa out of retirement, and instructs her to bring the Chronos Sapphire with her. When Marissa asks for it from Rebecca, it further strains their relationship. When Marissa arrives at OSS headquarters, she discovers that the box Rebecca gave her did not contain the jewel.

Tick Tock's henchmen break into Marissa's house, and Rebecca and Cecil are directed to take refuge in a secret Panic Room, where they view a video of Marissa informing them of her secret career. The twins escape and go to OSS headquarters, where Marissa's niece and their step-cousin, Carmen Cortez, gives the twins a tour of the defunct Spy Kids Division.

As Marissa pursues Tick Tock, Rebecca and Cecil go after the Time Keeper. Their search leads them to a clock shop, which is Tick Tock's headquarters. The twins view a video of the Wells Experiment, a 1930s time travel project that resulted in a boy being frozen in time, and which reveals the nature of the Chronos Sapphire in Rebecca's necklace. The twins are captured by Tick Tock, but are rescued by Marissa and Carmen, though Tick Tock manages to steal the Sapphire. Wilbur's investigations lead him to the clock shop, but he is shocked to learn that Marissa is a spy. When he destroys the footage that he and his cameraman filmed of the battle, he is fired, and becomes estranged from Marissa and the children.

As time continues to speed up, OSS agents are debriefed on the Wells Experiment. The OSS shut down the experiment, and placed the device under lockdown. Among the agents assigned to the case is Carmen's estranged brother, Juni Cortez. Bitter over their estrangement, she tosses his ID badge in the garbage. The twins confront Danger over the fact that his watch is similar to the one worn by the Time Keeper, and his name is an anagram of "Armageddon." He reveals he is the Time Keeper and imprisons them. When a group of OSS agents led by Marissa, Carmen, and Juni return to the clock shop to confront the Time Keeper, he freezes the agents in time using circuity in their ID badges, and does the same to 18 major cities. Juni, whose badge was thrown away by Carmen, manages to free Marissa and Carmen.

Danger reveals his father was head of the Wells Experiment, and he was the boy frozen in time. His father spent the rest of his life trying unsuccessfully to set him free. The OSS managed shut down the experiment with the Chronos Sapphire. This freed the boy, but he was now a man in a boy's body, and his loved ones were all now dead. Now Danger plans to use the Armageddon Device in go back in time to be reunited with his father. Cecil deduces that Danger has already tried this before multiple times, and each time he comes back worse, pointing out that Tick Tock and his minions are all versions of Danger. Rebecca, who sympathizes with Danger, tells him he should use what time he has wisely, instead of trying to acquire more of it. When Danger's time vortex opens, he steps through and meets his father in the past, but returns an elderly man, and realizes that Cecil was right, as he could not change anything. He shuts down the device, and Tick Tock is apprehended by Wilbur, who is reunited with Marissa and the children. Carmen and Juni announce they will co-lead a revived Spy Kids program, while Rebecca and Cecil become recruiters of new agents, including the kids watching the movie, breaking the fourth wall.

Why It Sucks

  1. This film introduced the infamous 4D Aroma-Scope. To summarize, scratch n' sniff cards were given to those who watched it in theaters, and whenever the characters smell something in the movie, a number comes up on-screen, and moviegoers were instructed to scratch that number and smell it. On paper, this is an interesting concept since its using Smell-O-Vision in a scratch n' sniff form, but in execution, most, if not all of the numbers have the scent of a fart!
  2. The premise is weak.
  3. Unfunny and weak humor that mainly consists of toilet humor like when Maria defecates in her diaper.
  4. Like the previous film, it lacks a lot of wit and charm of the original Spy Kids movies.
  5. The story is a rehash of the first Spy Kids film, and even then the time travel elements make it surprisingly confusing near the end.
  6. The infamous "Power of Puke" scene.
  7. The villain, Tick Tock, has a ridiculously non-intimidating, high-pitched voice.
  8. Speaking about the villain Danger D'amo who is the main villain plans to save his father which is all right on paper. But for some reason, he can't save his dad when he could just save his younger self from getting him trapped in time. This not only makes time travel confusing even for simple time travel story's but also makes the film have an idiotic plot!
  9. Apparently, Robert Rodriguez got the idea for this film when he was filming Machete with Jessica Alba; during filming, Alba's baby, Honor Marie, defecated in her diaper and she had to go change it. While Rodriguez was watching her, he got the idea for a spy mom. Basically, the movie was inspired by a baby defecating...which explains so much.
  10. Rebecca is an unlikable character, as she hates her step-mom and blames her for not telling her that she is a spy.
  11. Rebecca and Cecil are Mary Sue which learns a skill near the end of the film without training.
  12. Unresolved plot holes, like how Maria gained super strength without any explanation.
  13. The film was released eight years after the third film, so the idea for this movie was basically stale by the time it was released.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. That scene where that man, not Tick-Tok, saved his father and he dies of old age can be emotional and it has a good lesson to the audience.
  2. The soundtrack is decent, thanks to Robert Rodriguez and Carl Thiel.
  3. The special effects are an improvement over the special effects of the first 3 films.


All the Time in the World was met with even worse reviews from most critics, audiences, and fans alike than Game Over, and currently holds a 22% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average of 3.9 out of 10 and a critic consensus that reads "Burdened by a rote plot and unfunny scatological humor, All the Time in the World suggests that the Spy Kids franchise has run its course.". On Metacritic it has a score of 37 out of 100 based on 14 reviews, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". CinemaScore polls reported that the average grade moviegoers gave the film was a B-plus on an A-plus to F scale.

Box office

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World opened at #3 on its opening weekend with a domestic gross of $11,644,672. The total domestic gross would later go up to $38,538,188. In foreign countries, the film made $47,026,122. Overall, the film made $85,564,310 against its $27 million budget. The film was a box office disaster.


In January 2021, it was announced that Robert Rodriguez is returning to write and direct another Spy Kids film once again, this time, a reboot of the series with Skydance Media and Spyglass Media Group were producing and developing. The film will reportedly follow a multicultural family.[1]


  • Robert Rodriguez did not want to make a fourth film but was forced under contract to make it.


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10 months ago
Score 1
That scene where that man not tick tok. Saved his father and he dies of old age. I miss plots like this. Examples Doctor Who (Age of steel), Spy Kids 3 and 4 and Adams Family Values


10 months ago
Score 0
I realised how spy kids 4 plot was dumb but I felt emotional by it. It's not just movies but video games too like Griptonite Games excellent Captain America: Super Soldier DS port. Stories like this will never be made today. Also Super Mario Bros Starring the late Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo and not just Movies and Video games but also Avengers earth mightiest heroes and Max Steel 2013 etc. Duke nukem forever the hive scene comes too mind too.


10 months ago
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Yes its a type of film that is so bad it's good


one month ago
Score 0
Time Puns: The Movie


7 days ago
Score 0
I just gotta say... "Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World"... is a pretty fuckin' stupid name for a children's action movie. Why not "Spy Kids 4: Spies In Time", "Spy Kids 4: It's About Time" or even "Spy Kids 4: Limited Time"? But nope, just call it a very long title that takes like idk 6 to 9 seconds to read.

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