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This is NOT how you run an animated franchise!

Splash Entertainment, originally known as Mike Young Productions is a animation company founded by Mike Young. They are best known for the critically panned Norm of the North, as well as the Butt-Ugly MartiansTTSW, the Bratz TV show and direct-to-DVD movies.

Why Their Movies And TV Shows Suck

  1. Very ugly and weak CGI animation.
  2. They've produced some pretty bad animated movies, especially Norm of the North and its sequels.
  3. Quantity-over-Quality - They don't run their franchises properly, as they make sequels in the littlest of time possible. Very recently, they made three Norm of the North sequels, 4 Alpha and Omega sequels, 2 Rock Dog sequels, and in their earlier years, they made so many direct-to-DVD Bratz movies.
  4. Unfunny, immature, and gross humor. Some examples:
    • Norm of the North has Norm twerking.
    • Bratz relies on fourth wall breaks that make the characters look like idiots.
    • The Butt-Ugly Martians relies on gross-out humor.
  5. Poor French and English voice acting.
  6. Unfunny and stupid dialogue.
  7. Ugly character designs, mostly not because how they're drawn (or in case with the CGI characters, modeled), it's because the films/show's animation.
  8. Bad musical scores.
  9. Over-usage of stereotypes and poor role-models.
  10. They are filled with many unlikable characters.
  11. Unoriginal, cliched, bad, boring, predictable, and also formulaic plots and stories. Also, they steal stuff from other films. Some examples:
  12. Recycled character models, like the shopkeeper in the Bratz TV show episode The Chronicles of Karma, who uses the same model as Mandy from the Passion 4 Fashion DVD movie.
  13. Bad writing.
  14. Lots of plot-holes and fillers.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Even though they do a poor job with CGI animated shows and movies, their 2D and flash animated shows are actually decent. A few examples include: Clifford the Big Red Dog, its spinoff Clifford's Puppy Days, Chloe's Closet, and ToddWorld.
  2. Some of their shows like the Bratz TV show do have some good/decent episodes, and some of the DVD movies were also decent.
  3. They dubbed the French animated series Code Lyoko into English quite well.
  4. Some of their shows and movies have good/decent voice acting.
  5. They've made some good and decent TV shows, such as Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot and Care Bears & Cousins, which actually have decent CGI animation, which makes the Bears more cuddly and furry than ever before, unlike their other shows.



Mr. Dready

2 months ago
Score 2
Ladies and Gentlemen!!! (BTW my opinion) the People who made on of the worst animated movie of all time, Norm Of The North! This is what inspired me to make a page about them, along with the Butt-ugly Martians. (Bratz doesn't count cause it was average and actually not that bad of a show and one of they're better and more enjoyable shows).


2 months ago
Score 1

Wait, they created Clifford the Big Red Dog?

My entire life was a unsolvable jigsaw puzzle


one month ago
Score 1
They animated the 2000 series for Scholastic. The 2019 series is animated by 9Story, to avoid any confusion.

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