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Spin Out

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Spin Out is a 2016 Australian romantic comedy produced by Stella Rose Productions and distributed by Sony Pictures. The film stars Xavier Samuel, Morgan Griffin, Lincoln Lewis and Melissa Bergland, written by Edwina Exton and Tim Ferguson, and directed by Tim Ferguson and Marc Gracie.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible dialogue.
  2. The humor relies too heavily on Australian stereotypes and in the end just comes off as awkward.
  3. The characters are two-dimensional and easily forgettable.
  4. The male lead, Billy (Xavier Samuel), doesn't evolve at all throughout the movie. He remains arrogant that Lucy (Morgan Griffin) is moving away and doesn't want her to because he has feelings for her. He remains arrogant and whines that he can't do anything and eventually is happy when she decides not to move and falls in love with him.
  5. Everyone is either arrogant, stupid, jealous or horny.
  6. Your typical "We're friends but I'm attracted to you, but you're now going away and I need to find a way for you to love me and stop you from leaving" love story.
  7. The two lead actors look and act more like models than your typical Australian rough outback types that they're trying to be depicted as. The fact that actor Xavier Samuel was in the Twilight film series doesn't help that either.
  8. The out-of-town characters are portrayed as your stereotypical good-looking, well-dressed privileged types who wince at the stereotypical bush hillbilly characters.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Acting is okay.


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