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== Bad Qualities==
#Due to parents complaints of the first movie being too dark and violent for there children, the studio decided tone down the darker elements all together for the sequel and make it more in line with the more lighthearted 1987 TV show, which results in a jarring tonal shift, and while that may satisfy fans of the cartoon (which you can check in the movie's good qualities), it also alienated older viewers who enjoy the gritter feel that the first movie had established. This somewhat has similar parallels with the Burton/Schumacher ''Batman'' films, that were released around the same time.
#*This has a somewhat similar parallel with the Burton/Schumacher ''Batman'' films, that were released around the same time.
#While the animatronics on the turtles and Splinter are still impressive, the designs that they went with made them less imposing and more cartoony, which further results in the filmmakers response to the parents' reaction of the first film. Not to mention that the lighter color palletepalate cankind somewhatof killkills the illusion of seeing actual mutated turtles and a rat, compare to the more muted color palate in the first.
# The lighter tone also removes a lot of the cleaver and witty jokes from the first movie to completely juvenile humor.
# Shredder has been drastically reduced from an intimating leader of a secrete clan of ninjas to a more bumbling Saturday morning cartoon villain, which results in a less threatening presence.
#Casey Jones, who played a major role in the first movie, at no point appears in this movie, nor is there any mentioning of him in the slightest.
#As catchy as the infamous Vanilla Ice's Ninja Rap is, it can be quite cringy at times, especially when in the context of the movie, he does the number without even knowing about the turtles.
#The turtles barely get to use their weapons, and would end up using different items they could find. While it does pay respect to the original cartoon, it once again cause a major tone shift from the first movie's moregritter serious toneapporach.
#One of the turtles new friends: Keno, gets a pretty undercooked arc of learning when he must fight, as it doesn't come in the forefront enough, as it was only mentioned by the end.
#In spite of Splinter punishing the turtles in the end for revealing themselves in public, he never punishes them in the beginning when they pretty much revealed themselves at the very beginning when thwarting a heist.
#The Foot Clan has become total pushovers, as opposed to special trained Martial Artist, which like the Shredder himself makes them feel less like a threat.
#The final showdown between the turtles and Super Shredder is extremely anti-climatic, as it results in Shredder knocking down the dock's support causing it collapse on him while the turtles do nothing but escape.
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