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South32 is a 2016 crime film financed by executive producer Luigi Bian. The film has garnered a 5.5 out of a 10-star rating on IMDB. It received "Best Thriller" award at the I.F.S. Film Festival 2016. It had a limited theatrical release in Los Angeles.

The website has drawn excessive attention from internet conspiracy theorists. This attention has led to the movie being placed on this site without an actual "plot" description or "synopsis." Most likely due to the fact that the movie "South32" was not actually viewed by the creator of this page. Instead, the placement of this film on this site is to bolster the agenda of the conspiracy theorists' and the videos that they created which are linked below.

Ironically, the film South 32 features a character that is the victim of cyber-bullying. In a similar fashion.


The mystery behind this extremely obscure movie started with Google translate while having your input as Mongolian and your output as English while having a long string of letters came up with some strange yet interesting results. It reads " - if you have questions, please feel free to send a message to a friend or send a friend to a friend"

Typing up will lead you to a website called which seemed to be a marketing campaign for a movie, however, the website is more than just some marketing campaign, as the creator of the website Luigi Bian was accused of cybersquatting, which is where you create dozens of websites that redirect to one website. Not only that the website itself is a little strange, as the website is buried by several videos that you watch before actually seeing the site itself. What's weird is that Luigi Bian isn't a real name, there was also Kerry Bian which is also fake.

Also, clicking on some South32 videos without full protection will install random content on your computer, one of them being more videos, however only one. And the video itself is strange. It shows a toilet with South32 written on it with a man dumping cash in it and flushing it away.

When the YouTuber Elder's Vault uploaded a video about The Disturbing Mystery Of South32, after that the website became a lot darker, showing a creepy video of a hideous "Man" as seen as a picture for the Russian Sleep Experiment Creepypasta (or SCP-957) with a text titled "South32" flashing left and right on the screen with a creepy laughing sound in the background. Also showing an unsettling cover for the movie showing a movie theatre full of dead corpses, most notable being someone hanged on a noose. (Actually a poster for a Thai thriller horror film)

Later, the website was changed to a bounty on Elder claiming that he had an "Australian accent" and is in need of someone to track him down, which Elder was accused for legal trouble. ScareTheater also did a video on South32.


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