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Sin Filtro

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Sin Filtro
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Nicolás López
Starring: Paz Bascuñán • Antonio Quercia • Paulo Brunetti • Lucy Cominetti
Photography: Color
Release Date: January 7th, 2016
Runtime: 100 minutes
Country: Chile
Franchise: None
Prequel: None
Sequel: None

Sin Filtro (Spanish for "Without Filters"), is a Chilean movie written and directed by Nicolás López and is protagonized by Paz Bascuñán. The movie was premiered in January 7, 2016 and it became the second most watched film of Chile.


Pía Vargas (Paz Bacuñán) is a woman that lives in the center of Santiago (The capital of Chile) and is a woman that is disrespected by everyone she meets, but is reserved and doesn't dare to say anything that she thinks about others. After an apucumpture therapy from a Chinese man, she has now the ability to say what she thinks about others and doing something to gain respect, but she'll realize, that saying what she thinks, is not always that good, because she can hurt the ones she loves.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor plot, the plot is basically the same as the typical "What could happen if a reserved person, finally had the ability to say what he/she thinks about others?" Something similar to the episode "The Words" from The Amazing World of Gumball.
  2. Misleading propaganda, the ads makes you think that Pía will be an aggressive and rude woman, when actually is the opposite in the movie, she's reserved and shy.
  3. There are plenty of unlikeable characters, like: Bastián (Pía's boss), Antonio (Pía's boyfriend) or Cuica (The woman that never lets Pía cross the street), in fact John mentions that all of the characters are a cartoonish version of annoying characters that you can commonly found in real-life and in fact they're stereotypes, he has the theory about that Pía exploded because of this, all of the characters are annoying.
  4. Pía says a lot of bad things to her sister Teresa after killing her cat (the cat had a terminal disease and Pía had forgotten to give the cat his medicaments), Teresa is one of the few good characters of the movie and this makes you feel pity for her, what Pía did was bad, but in the way, Pía gets pardoned by her sister is way worse and insensible, she finds a cat, that looks like the deceased cat of her sister and gives her as a gift, which is nasty, practically they're telling you, any animal and human live is replaceable.
  5. The moral of the movie, in the words of John Miranda, a.k.a. "El Crítico Histérico", is basically: "Your life is miserable? Everybody treats you as a carpet or garbage? Exist a solution: EXPLODE, fuck everybody, say the nastiest things you have saved in your mind about the people, destroy their self-esteem, act like an asshole or a villain. Forget about your B plans or logic solutions and fuck everyone who you dislike or treated you in that way!". This is not a good moral, is horrendous, because in real life, you can lose your jobs, friends and family and everybody treat you as a lunatic or villain. Remember: always be better than those people and don't commit their mistakes, it's not worth you act like them, follow your own path and cling to your morals.
  6. This movie only exist thanks to the exploding fame of viral videos of people yelling.


Here are all the posters that could be found. First, look at them and later watch the movie.

Here's another poster of the movie with the same face that you can find at a poor clickbait video
Another propaganda of the movie, almost the entire propaganda featuring Pía (Paz Bascuñán) looks like this. Furthermore, in this poster, the movie claims to be better than Hunger Games, which is just pretentious
Another propaganda which looks like they just copypasted the face and the title and put a stars background to fill.
This is Cuica, the woman, that never lets Pía cross.
He's Pía's Husband, and he's not annoying, he's just a lazy man.
This is Pía's best friend, she's actually hateable.
She's Pía's sister, she's not hateable and NEVER harms Pía in the movie.
He's a technicist, his stereotype is the guy that makes you pay a lot of money for his services.
He's Pía's boss, his stereotype is the incompetent boss that everybody wants to punch.
He's Grabriel, Pía's ex, his stereotype is the classic charming man.
He's Pía's neighbour, his stereotype is that annoying neighbour that is partying day and night.
He's Antonio, Pía's stepson and his friends. His stereotype is being that disrespectful son, everybody wants to send to a military school and his friends are teenage stereotypes.
She's a blogger that works with Pía, her stereotype is the incompetent worker that receives the place you worked all your life, just because she's sexy.


Sin Filtro received 5.6 out of 10 points in iMDB.


  • This movie got adaptions for other countries (Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Colombia).


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