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Sidekicks 1993.jpg

Sidekicks is a 1992 action adventure film produced by Vision PDG and Gallery Films. The film stars Jonathan Brandis, Chuck Norris, Beau Bridges, Julia Nickson, Mako, Joe Piscopo, and Danica McKellar, directed by Aaron Norris (brother of Chuck Norris) and written by Lou Illar and Galen Thompson.

Why It Sucks

  1. Weak plot with awkward dialogue.
  2. Awkward scenes like when Mr. Lee (Mako) is massaging Barry (Jonathan Brandis) whilst he's in hospital or when the bikers appear out of nowhere to harass Jerry (Beau Bridges) in the restaurant.
  3. The school Barry's at is your stereotypical 90's school where the teachers are strict and dreams go to die.
  4. Chuck Norris' role is so minimal and self-indulgent that it doesn't really offer anything substantial to the plot, except for when he actually appears and helps Barry in the tournament. Well it is directed by Norris' brother.
  5. Danica McKellar's role as Lauren is an exact carbon-copy of her character Winnie Cooper from the TV series The Wonder Years.


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