Shrek the Third

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Shrek the Third
2007 - Shrek the Third.jpg
Genre: Animation
Photography: Color
Running Time: 93 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: May 6, 2007 (Mann Village Theatre)
May 18, 2007 (United States)
Directed by: Chris Miller
Written by: Jeffrey Price
Peter S. Seaman
Chris Miller
Aron Warner
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
DreamWorks Animation
Starring: Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Cameron Diaz
Antonio Banderas
Julie Andrews
John Cleese
Rupert Everett
Eric Idle
Justin Timberlake
Seth Rogen
Maya Rudolph
Amy Sedaris
Amy Poehler
Previous film: Shrek 2
Next film: Shrek Forever After

Shrek the Third is a 2007 American computer-animated fantasy comedy film, it is a sequel to DreamWorks' Shrek and Shrek 2 and the third installment to the Shrek franchise. It's widely considered to be the lowest point of the franchise.


When King Harold of Far, Far Away (John Cleese) dies, Shrek, (Mike Myers) Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) must go and find the heir to the throne, Arthur, (Justin Timberlake) also known as "Artie". But while that's happening, Prince Charming (Rupert Everett) hatches a plot to take over Far, Far Away and kill Shrek when he returns.don

Bad Qualities

  1. The film lacks the charm of the first two because almost every joke is incredibly tasteless and not even funny, like when Shrek accidentally puts his sword into a guy's shoulder while practicing knighting.
  2. Speaking of which, there’s a surprisingly large kill-count in a kids film - such as a scene when Shrek accidentally sinks a ship which ended up killing dozens of people, King Harold’s on-screen death and Prince Charming’s demise at the end of the film when a tower fell on him.
  3. The fairytale creatures barely contribute anything to the plot, making them pointless.
  4. Shrek becoming a father with babies is a big and annoying cliché.
  5. On that topic, they had to change Shrek's character to fit the babies in.
  6. Even though the first two acts have their moments, the third act falls to a predictable and unfunny finale.
  7. On a related topic, if you look closely at some of the film's promotional posters and trailers, they show the ogre babies, spoiling the ending.
  8. Everyone doesn't appear to act how they usually did in the first two films.
  9. Very tasteless death scene with King Harold; he does TWO death fake-outs. What also doesn't help is that what is meant to be a heartbreaking and serious scene is instead filled with pointless and unfunny gags.
  10. While Prince Charming is the antagonist of the film, he’s basically treated as the film’s “punching bag” which makes you feel a bit of sympathy for him.
  11. The overused, annoying crying babies is used for the first baby ogre in Shrek's dream after it vomits.
  12. On that topic, it feels lazy recycling a previous villain in another sequel, as Charming is not as intimidating or entertaining as Lord Farquaad, the Fairy Godmother or Rumpelstiltskin.
  13. The pace is very inconsistent.
  14. One scene attempts to use Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song", but it gets the timing of the scream completely wrong and then proceeds to play an entirely different song.
  15. Shrek and Fiona's children add absolutely nothing to the story other than being a typical "happy ending" for our main characters.
  16. Poor soundtrack, the biggest offender being the Damien Rice song "9 Crimes", since the scene is supposed to be sad and dour, but it becomes confusing when a song about infidelity is being played.
  17. The film adds in a subplot where Puss and Donkey swap bodies. There is no reason for this other than to give the duo something to do.
  18. Several plot holes, such as how Prince Charming is able to roam free shortly after the events of Shrek 2.
  19. A majority of the jokes are very unfunny, especially the infamous "Well somebody better be dying." line before smash-cutting to King Harold on his death bed.
  20. The baby dream sequence Shrek is too frightening for a kids movie, especially that part where the ogre baby-faced Donkey says "Dada!".

Good Qualities

  1. Good animation that's a nice step up from the first two.
  2. A couple of funny scenes (like Puss, as Donkey, doing his cute eyes thing only for the guards to find him weird).
  3. Arthur and Merlin give a laugh every now and then, and were very enjoyable characters.
  4. Amazing voice acting.
  5. Seth Rogen does make a decent, almost unrecognisable cameo.
  6. The soundtrack is decent, but not that good as the second film's.
  7. Though not a great villain, Prince Charming's motivations to take over Far, Far Away and avenge his deceased mother are very justified and reasonable.
  8. The scene when Shrek and Artie talked about their dads was nice.
  9. It reunited John Cleese and Eric Idle who were on Monty Python.
  10. Artie’s speech at the end was a very nice message.
  11. The idea of taking all the known fairy-tale bad guys into a gang to take over a kingdom is pretty original.


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