Savior of the Earth

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Savior of the Earth
Genre: Animated
Science Fiction
Directed By: Roy Thomas
Written By: Rick Ashley
Distributed By: Namyang Planinng
Release Date: August 12, 1983 (South Korea)
1987 (USA)
1991 (Spain)
Country: South Korea

Savior of the Earth is a 1983 South Korean animated science-fiction film which is infamous for stealing lots of elements from Disney's Tron. Information of the film is scarce, the only info there is a few crew members, release dates, the production company and that's it. In 1987, Joseph Lai (which is considered the Ed Wood of Hong Kong) made an English dub to try and attempt to reach the film to a bigger audience, which he later edited into Space Thunder Kids.

Bad Qualities

  1. Jerky, sloppy and anime wannabe animation.
  2. God-awful English dub, there is only one guy and one girl voicing everyone.
  3. The main character, Keith is very unlikeable, in one instance, instead of saving his friend, he slacks off and plays videogames.
  4. FALSE ADVERTISING: In the movie's poster, there is a creature that looks like E.T, but he's not even in the movie.
  5. The movie copies various elements and scenes from Tron, even Pac-Man makes a cameo in both movies.
  6. Overall, the movie feels rushed.
  7. Keeping track of Keith is hard, since there are a lot of moments where there are people that look EXACTLY like Keith, as if everybody having the same voice was confusing enough!
  8. There's a character that looks like Sark, from Tron.
  9. At the end of the movie Black John dies, and gives a monologue, but it feels like the monologue's only purpose is to make the film reach the 60-minute mark.
  10. Some stolen music, for example, the film starts playing Dank Earth ( for no reason.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The film is hilariously bad in multiple ways.
  2. The soundtrack from the English dub is decent.
  3. At least they tried to make the film different from Tron, plot-wise.


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