Satan Claus

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Satan Claus
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Genre: Horror
Directed By: Massimiliano Cerchi
Produced By: Massimiliano Cerchi
Ken Greenblatt
Written By: Simonetta Mostarda
Starring: Robert Cummins
Jodie Rafty
Robert Hector
Barie Snider
Lauretta Ali
Daisy Vel
Release Date: 1996
Runtime: 61 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

Satan Claus is a 1996 low budget horror Christmas film directed by Massimiliano Cerchi and written by Simonetta Mostarda.


On the night before Christmas, a serial killer dressed in a Santa Claus suit stalks the streets of New York looking for blood. It seems this madman is building the perfect Christmas tree.

Why It Sucks

  1. The lighting is just beyond awful, to the point where you can barely see the characters and what's going on during the scenes.
  2. Extremely bad and poor audio.
  3. All of the actors' performances in this movie are terrible, a perfect example is when the chief's wife gets murdered and when he finds out, he doesn't sound torn up, he sounds more like he's irritated as if it happens regularly for him.
  4. The "Satan Claus" killer is a boring antagonist and another generic "killing for revenge"-type of serial killer.
  5. Numerous plot holes that'll leave you totally confused.
  6. Satan Claus' catchphrase "Merry Christmas" is lame and unoriginal, and to make it sound more terrible, he makes a very forced, hammy evil laugh after killing his victims.
  7. Whenever the characters try to be dramatic or serious, it just comes off as laughably bad.
  8. Poorly-executed, bland scenes that drag on for way too long.
  9. The killer's motivations and plans are a confusing mess.




Deepthroat Ghoul

17 months ago
Score 0
Little did we know at the time, we would get a better version of this film known as "Santa's Slay".
"Fuck! Fuck shit fuck!"


one month ago
Score 0
Weird Al did the idea of a psycho Santa much better.

Killer creed is bad boy

20 days ago
Score 0
You forgot to put Psycho Santa (2003) on here too. That one was atrocious.

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