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Reynard the Fox and the Jew Animal

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Reynard the Fox and the Jew Animal is a 1943 Nazi Propaganda animated cartoon produced in Nazi Germany after Germany invaded Poland in 1939. It is based on the European fable Reynard the Fox.

Reynard the Fox and the Jew Animal
Seriously? How far could Nazis come with propaganda?
Genre: Animation
Based On: Reynard the Fox
Photography: Color
Release Date: 1943
Country: Nazi Germany
Language: German


King Nobel has died, and the Animal Kingdom is under a regency led by Baldwin the Ass. A tribe of wandering rhinoceros merchants led by Jodocus enters the kingdom. The film makes blatant comparisons between the rhinos’ nose-horns and the Nazi caricatures of big-nosed Jews, and the “Jod” of Jodocus is pronounced like the Dutch word for Jew. Jodocus flatters Baldwin, who is vain and foolish and easily tricked, and he appoints the rhinos to be the kingdom’s tax collectors. The rhinos preach that a royal aristocracy is awfully old-fashioned; animals today are all for democracy and equality, where all are equal. All of the aristocratic animals intermarry, and their cat-chicken, bear-duck, and similar children are ugly and stupid, illustrating the Nazi doctrine of Racial Purity. Reynard, who has been quietly observing all this, realizes that the rhinos’ goal is to weaken the animals’ society so they can take it over. Reynard leads the aroused national socialist animal commoners to drive the rhinos into the sea and drown, and the kingdom is saved.

Why It Sucks

  1. This film is pro-Nazi propaganda cartoon that portrays Rhinos as Jewish people who are greedy and are trying to weaken the animals' society and make them stupid.
  2. Despite being a short based on Reynard the Fox, Reynard himself barely appears in it.
  3. The animation is very mediocre and poor, even for 1940's standards.
  4. Very dull washed-out colors and backgrounds.
  5. The designs for the animals are ugly.
  6. The animation tries to be like the animation from Disney and Fleischer cartoons, but it fails completely.
  7. The ending with the Rhinos drowning is supposed to be happy but instead it comes off as dark and mean-spirited.
  8. The music is very lackluster and dull.


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