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Queer Duck: The Movie

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Queer Duck: The Movie
Queer Duck The Movie.png
Before Hell and Back, there was this obscure abomination.
Genre: Adult animation
Directed By: Xeth Feinberg
Produced By: J. Michael Mendell
Mike Reiss
Howard Gordon
Mike Mendel
Written By: Mike Reiss
Based On: Queer Duck
Starring: Jim J. Bullock
Billy West
Kevin Michael Richardson
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Paramount Pictures
Release Date: July 18, 2006
Runtime: 60 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Franchise: Queer Duck

Queer Duck: The Movie is a Paramount Pictures adult flash animated film that first premiered in July 18, 2006. And it was based off the show with the same name.


While living blissfully with his male lover Openly Gator, Queer Duck begins to question his homosexuality when former actress Lola Buzzard sets her sights on him.

Why It's A Bad Adaptation

  1. The film contains some gross scenes like:
    • Bi-Polar Bear dancing a party with lots of animals drinking beer and wine. And he was just twerking and slapping his butt.
    • Openly Gator having a big sex party with all men.
    • And the main titular character doing a sex bucket challenge and his head bumped with an empty bucket.
    • A scene where a lady exploded her head and her skull head was showed.
    • A Hog defecating in Queer Duck's bathtub
  2. The flash animation looks very horrible to look at. And it looks even worse than Los Pulentos: La Película and The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!.
  3. It had a scenes with pandas that they're gay. Yet they talk like females, which it's odd.
  4. Misleading poster: The poster says "", yet the actual movie doesn't have the logo.
  5. Too many awful jokes:
    • The one when Openly Gator joked about peeing in his coke bottles.
    • A joke about Oscar WildCat having a big penis on his presious semen.
    • Even more penis jokes than the series
    • A donkey in the wall said that he's NOT a pinata, yet Openly Gator said that the donkey was actually a pinata.
  6. The voice acting in this movie isn't great as it sounds more like something from a flash animation from newgrounds rather than a animated film

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The beginning of the movie was good.
  2. The Paramount logo at the beginning of the movie was nice.


The movie received mixed-to-negative reviews on the Internet. It currently holds a 5.4/10 on IMDb and a 2.6/5 on Letterboxd.


  • The movie was a big inspiration to other famous adult animated films.


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