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Anyone care for some duck soup?
Genre: Animation
Directed By: Viktor Lakisov
Produced By: Ruben Atoyan
Danny Bergeron
Oksana Brovchenko
Jin Cai
David Lacruz
Viktor Lakisov
Natalya Papach
Vsevolod Zorin
Written By: Viktor Lakisov
John T. Mickevich
Vadim Sveshnikov
Vera Sveshnikova-Vaskovich
Bob Underwood
Vsevolod Zorin
Starring: Robbie Daymond
Michael Gross
Jesse Corti
Mark DeCarlo
Enn Reitel
Bruce Nozick
Polina Maksimova
Jimmie Wood
Aleksandr Golovin
Joshua J. Greene
Evelina Blyodans
David Markus
Amy Margolis
Andrea Becker
Vsevolod Kuznetsov
Nikita Presnyakov
Natalya Podolskaya
Stanislav Strelkov
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Fabula Films
Fun High Productions
Turbo Films
Kanal 11
Kanal 2
Paycom Cinema
SC Movies
Shout! Factory
Star Alliance Films
Release Date: February 14, 2016 (Russia)
Runtime: 81 minutes
Country: Russia
Language: English
Budget: $12,000,000
Box Office: $4,828,042


On the little island lost in far sunny China the regular life of mandarin ducks in an instant turns into chaos: the flock of the military mallards are making a cruise to Hawaii, by mistake lands on the mandarine's island. The chief of mallards, Duckmus doesn't want to reckon with the local traditions, as well the mandarin's Emperor doesn't like uninvited guests. The Cold War breaks out between two clans . The heir of the of mandarin's Emperor, Longway is falling in love with charming Erica, the daughter of the mallards chief and kids don't care about the war between their dads. While leaders are trying to sort out their relationships, Longway gets into a trouble. Two stupid thieves from the human town, on the instructions of the Old Witch, start to hunt for Longway. It turns out, that Longway is the magic "Sun Duck", which, according to the legend, is endowed with superhuman abilities, and it allows him to get power from the sun. The Old Witch is ready for any crime for the sake of solar power and eternal youth.

Why It's Completely Quackery

  1. The animation is hyperactive and floppy to the point of annoyance, while looking like it belongs in a PlayStation 1 game.
  2. There's a baffling amount of plotlines here, but they're all executed so poorly that they cancel each other out and make this film not just boring, but paradoxically boring.
  3. Although the writing has its moments, a lot of it is awkward and some of it is culturally insensitive in a way It feels far too racy in places for a film aimed at children.
  4. Constant use of the whip sound like a season of Johnny Test.
  5. The humor is weak at best.
  6. Too many generic characters to follow....and none are likeable or memorable in any way.
    • Longway is quite a useless protagonist. He even admits it to himself, that he can’t do anything right. And by the end when facing the antagonist, he still can’t! As it's revealed the villain is still alive, even after an massive explosion that he caused to her.
    • The villain is pretty one-dimensional and uninteresting.
  7. The villain's henchmen have a much larger role than the main protagonist does.
  8. The film has several character clichés to the point of over usage:
    • The villain's henchmen are the stereotypical "Fat, dumb guy who loves to eat and the skinny, slim guy who's slightly smarter of the two" types.
    • Longway is the "I want to see the world" type.
    • Emperor Peng Lee (Longway's dad) is the "Overprotective parent" type.
    • Erica is the "Tomboy and love interest" type.
    • Duckmus is the "Dumb and stubborn American general" type.
    • The main villain is the "I want to destroy the world so I can become young again" type.
  9. An abundance of annoying duck puns.
    • Speaking of which, they replaced the word "fuck" with "quack" in several expressions (as in “go quack yourself” or “quack off”), making the ducks sound like their swearing at times.
  10. It committed the greatest sin of all cinematic history, being a 2016 movie that used "Who let the dogs out" by Baha Men in a movie about ducks.
  11. The main plot about the Sun Duck is confusing, nor did they never really explain what the Sun Duck needs to do.
  12. Other than character clichés, it also suffers from other uses of movie clichés:
    • The relationship between the two duck gangs and that they have children of the opposite sex is the standard "Romeo and Juliet" cliché.
    • It uses "The main protagonist who "dies" but not really", being super predictable as always.
  13. The character designs for the ducks are very weird and look more like albatrosses than actual ducks, but the humans on the other hand look absolutely awful! They are way too stretchy and honestly, very ugly!
  14. The film being titled Quackerz is noticeably painfully unfunny.
  15. It has elements like the steam-punk style that seems to be there for no reason and the gramophone/duck break dance scene that came over is out of place, bizarre and takes one out of the film.
  16. The film steals elements from many other better animated films such as Tangled with the trope about the villain wanting to stay young forever in the entirety of her life which was what Rapunzel's adoptive mother Mother Gothel wanted to do but that was done more better and was given originality when compared to this film and what it did with the trope.
  17. The voice acting, while good, can also get rather cheap and corny at times too, especially with the voice given to the film's main villain where she sounds very uninterested when doing her role and is a one to one copy of Mother Gothel's voice from Tangled but cheaper and stock.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The only tolerable character is Erica, as she has character and somewhat charisma, (as little as it is).
  2. Some humorous one liners such as "No quacking after 11pm. And no boots in bed." and “I don’t care about the size of your pixel!”.
  3. The details on the ducks feathers, the human town, the mountains, and the cooking scenes looks fantastic.
  4. While not exactly incredible, the voice cast (that doesn't rely on celebrity voices and didn't need to) do bring energy and soul to their roles.
  5. The scene when Longway and Erica are flying and having such a good time, is a wholesome moment.


  • The cartoon was the first animation project in which the Chinese holding Star Alliance Media invested.
  • The bulk of the work on the cartoon was performed in Moscow. The painting was also worked in Canada, Spain, Peru and Estonia.

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