Problem Child 2

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Problem Child 2
220px-Problem child two poster.jpg
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 91 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: July 3, 1991
Directed by: Brian Levant
Written by: Scott Alexander
Larry Karazewski
Distributed by: Universal Pictures
Starring: Michael Oliver
John Ritter
Laraine Newman
Gilbert Gottfired
Jack Warden
Amy Yasbeck
Ivyann Schwan
Eric Edwards
James Tolkan
Previous film: Problem Child
Next film: Problem Child 3

Problem Child 2 is a 1991 black comedy film distributed by Universal Pictures, and is the sequel to 1990's Problem Child.


Taking place sometime after the first film, Ben and Junior Healy move from Cold River, Illinois to the quiet community of Mortville, Oregon to start over. Once there, Junior discovers another child even worse than him, and feels threatened by Ben's desire to date again and find a new mother for Junior.

Why It Sucks

  1. There's a scene where Junior urinates in a lemonade jar and then someone drinks it. In real life, that would probably be poisonous.
  2. The explosion effect at the beginning looks extremely fake.
  3. The short animation used on rabbit's dog horoscope looks horrible.
  4. Big Ben is still unlikable.
  5. The humor is still unfunny.
  6. So many dated refrences.
  7. Murph is more unlikable than big ben.
  8. in one scene Trixie puts a TNT on a toilet and then the teacher sits on it and explodes looks very fake, in real life that would probably kill you.
  9. The scene where junior adds cockroaches to scare lawanda is extremely disgusting.
  10. The movie relies too much on would-kill in real life slapstick.
  11. False Advertising, the poster shows the cat from the first movie but he isn't in this one.
  12. Some of the songs we're reused from the first movie like: bad to the bone and real wild child.
  13. Some scenes go one for way too long like the scene where junior speeds up the ride and everyone barfs goes for too long, and the special effects for barfing look awful.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Trixie also makes a suitable foil for Junior, and eventually becomes friends with him.
  2. The story is more straightforward.
  3. Pretty good acting from the likes Michael Oliver, John Ritter, and Laraine Newman.
  4. Igor Peabody still serves his part as minor antagonist to Junior pretty well.
  5. LaWanda DuMore is a pretty slimy villain, and gets her well-deserved comeuppance in the end.
  6. The scene where Junior speeds up the ride and the people start barfing is very iconic.
  7. The movie is one of those rare film sequels that actually improve from it's Predecessors. In addition, it's better than Problem Child 3.
  8. The ending is nice.
  9. There is less product placement than the first movie.
  10. Almost no more animal cruelty only at that part where he throws a dog.
  11. The love rock scene was very touching.
  12. The characters do get better development, especially Junior and Lil’ Ben.



It received negative reviews but better than the first one, it has a 7% on rotten tomatoes. But didn't did as well at the box office as it was beaten by Terminator 2: Judgment Day which was released the same day.


  • Amy Yasbeck, who played Nurse Annie Young here, had also played Flo Healy in the first movie.
  • As opposed to the nearly antisocial Junior, Michael Oliver actually became great friends with the other child actors off-camera, including Ivyann Schwan, with whom he's still friends with to this day.