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I know what you're thinking. But, the funny thing is I don't even like movies especially NOT this one.
Genre: Action comedy
Directed By: Uwe Boll
Produced By: Uwe Boll
Shawn Williamson
Daniel Clarke
Written By: Uwe Boll
Bryan C. Knight
Based On: POSTAL
Starring: Zack Ward
Dave Foley
Chris Coppola
Jackie Tohn
J.K. Simmons
Ralf Moeller
Verne Troyer
Chris Spencer
Larry Thomas
Michael Paré
Erick Avari
Lindsay Hollister
Brent Mendenhall
Rick Hoffman
Michael Benyaer
David Huddleston
Seymour Cassel
Cinematography: Mathias Neumann
Distributed By: Kinostar (Germany)
Vivendi Entertainment (US)
Release Date: October 18, 2007 (Germany)
May 23, 2008 (US)
Runtime: 100 mins
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: US$15 million
Box Office: US$146,741
Franchise: POSTAL
Prequel: POSTAL 2: Apocalypse Weekend
Sequel: POSTAL 2 (film; cancelled)
Postal III (by release date)

Postal is a 2007 action comedy film based on the controversial video game franchise of the same name. and was co-written and directed by Uwe Boll. The film was panned by critics, bombed massively at the box office, and won a Razzie for "Worst Director".

During the development of the film, Vince Desi and Steve Wik pitched a dark and gritty version of the movie, but Boll rejected it and turned it into a comedy. This scrapped version probably was based on the first Postal video game, while the current version seems to be loosely based on the second game.

Why It Sucks

  1. This film has some of the most disgusting, tasteless and offensive jokes ever conceived.
  2. It constantly insults the victims of the 9/11 attacks, World War II, etc. Another example of poor humor is that Osama bin Laden is friends with George W. Bush throughout the movie.
  3. Plot holes around the movie. What happened to Verne Troyer after he was thrown into a pit of chimpanzees? The film seems to forget him for the rest of the movie. (It is plausible that he got raped to death, hence his absence from the rest of the movie.)
  4. The story has absolutely no relevance whatsoever.
  5. Terrible, unlikable characters.
  6. Awful acting.
  7. Dumb ending.
  8. Near-total lack of loyalty to the source material.
  9. The film's poster is badly Photoshopped and therefore looks very tacky.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You get a free copy of POSTAL 2 upon buying this film on Blu-Ray or DVD.
  2. Some funny moments.
  3. Vince Desi and Verne Troyer give out decent acting.
  4. Great soundtrack.
  5. Boll, I'm Vince Desi. What the fuck you do to my game Postal!?
  6. Depending on who you ask, this may be the most tolerable video game movie in Uwe Boll's filmography and the most faithful one at that.


Postal received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film holds a 9% out of 100.

On Metacritic, the movie has a critic rating of 22/100 ("generally unfavourable reviews"), and a user score of 6.3/10 ("generally favourable reviews").[1]

The NY Daily News gave the movie a 0/5, criticizing its tasteless humour, plot and unfaithfulness to the game.[2]

The film was nominated for three Golden Raspberry Awards:[17] Worst Supporting Actor (Boll as himself), Worst Supporting Actor (Troyer as himself), and Worst Director (Boll), winning the latter.



The movie's official trailer
POSTAL is at #7.

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