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Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

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Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach
Police Academy 5 Miami Florida.jpg
What happens when Steve Guttenberg jumps ship.
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Alan Myerson
Written By: Stephen Curwick
Starring: Michael Winslow
David Graf
Bubba Smith
Marion Ramsey
Leslie Easterbrook
Tab Thacker
George Gaynes
G. W. Bailey
Lance Kinsey
George R. Robertson
Matt McCoy
Janet Jones
René Auberjonois
Archie Hahn
James Hampton
Scott Weinger
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date: March 18, 1988
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Country: United States
Budget: $14 million
Box Office: $54.5 million
Prequel: Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987)
Sequel: Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989)

Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach is a 1988 American comedy film directed by Alan Myerson and starring Michael Winslow, David Graf, Bubba Smith, Marion Ramsey, Leslie Easterbrook, Tab Thacker, George Gaynes, G. W. Bailey, Lance Kinsey, George R. Robertson, Matt McCoy, Janet Jones, René Auberjonois, and is the fifh film in the Police Academy film series. This was also the first Police Academy film to not feature Steve Guttenberg as Carey Mahoney.


The entire police squad gets an assignment on Miami Beach and must stop a mafia gang.

Why It Sucks

  1. Just like the previous film, there is almost nothing funny or amusing at all.
  2. False advertising: The poster shows nearly the entire police squad swinging on a vine, but they barely swing on vines in the movie.
  3. The models for the shark and the fly used in one scene look very FAKE.
  4. Unlike other movies in the series, there is barely any action and most of the movie consist of the police squad having fun on the Miami Beach and it was only used in the 59 minute mark.
  5. The scene where Laverne Hooks sprays a guy on the plane she was sitting next to with a fire extinguisher because he was hard smoking is beyond stupid, only to be awarded with random claps.
  6. The part where Tackleberry forces a shark to get out of the beach, makes no sense, as he simply points a gun at the shark and tells him to go away, in real life the shark will probably kill you.
  7. Over usage for blatant product placements for Coca Cola.
  8. For some reason Office Hooks is even more obnoxious than she was in the previous movies.
  9. In the airport scene, the police squad (Except for Thad Harris and Proctor) aren't dressed in their uniform but are dressed as average Miami Citizens, which makes no sense.
  10. Poor chemistry between the 3 villains.
  11. The plane where Proctor and Harris go to makes completely no sense; apparently it's a private plane, but it's filled with animals.
  12. The gag where Lassard's golf balls fall out of his suitcase and people start falling down is very nonsensical.
  13. The joke where Proctor sprays sunscreen on Harris reading dork and then everybody calls him a dork is stupid and it makes no sense since he is a police officer.
  14. Butchered: Tackleberry was changed from a badass police officer, into a maniac who wants to have all the guns.
  15. Weak story that feels choppy at times.
  16. The gag of Larvell pretending to be Bruce Lee was already done and better in the 2nd movie.
  17. The scene where Lassard throws a Fishfork on a picture with him and Harris looks stupid and fake.
  18. Both Lassard and Harris are kidnapped and don't even arrest the Mafia in which it makes no sense, also Lassard gets on par with the criminals until at the end.
  19. Horrid dialogue.
  20. The characters are even more butchered badly.
  21. Poorly done effects.
  22. The intro makes no sense as Proctor and Harris are breaking the law, but Harris said that they aren't but they're stretching it.
  23. Very pointless scenes.
  24. Poor directing.
  25. Pointless scenes that only exist just to pad out the runtime.
  26. Ridiculous ending revolving Proctor kicking a chair so Harris can sit down only to be slided with it and getting crushed into a big drum.
  27. Adding to that reason it's similar to the scene where Lassard retires.
  28. It has various fillers like why did at the end the new commander decided to be with Lassard and Harris wishing to be a commander.
  29. Nick Lassard is a poor replacement for Mahoney as the main protagonist.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The acting is still great.
  2. Good soundtrack.
  3. The scene where Jones pretends to be a hair salooner is somewhat funny.


  • Of his decision to set this sequel in Florida, producer Paul Maslansky said, "I chose Florida because I wanted to have an entirely different look to the Police Academies. This is a national police chiefs' convention and I want palm trees and the beach and the hotels - a resort kind of place. I want the sizzle. The connection with Miami Vice. Assignment: Miami sounds better than Assignment: Buffalo."
  • Steve Guttenberg refused to reprise his role as Carey Mahoney in this film, as he was busy doing Three Men and a Baby. He also gave firm no's when asked to return for City Under Siege and Mission to Moscow. Guttenberg would state in one of his many 2010's interviews that he regrets turning down the final three sequels, and would do them in a heartbeat if given another chance.
  • Harvey Korman was the first choice for the role of Tony, but was unavailable for the filming dates.
  • Bobcat Goldthwait refused to reprise his role as Zed due to not being able to come to a financial agreement with the filmmakers. As a result, Tim Kazurinsky ended up not being involved either because the filmmakers felt there was no point in bringing back Sweetchuck without Zed. Goldthwait later said that he skipped this sequel because the script lost focus and his character "would never talk like that."
  • Production was temporarily suspended due to Hurricane Floyd moving through Southern Florida in October 1987. While filming Proctor's scene atop the swaying tree outside Capt. Harris' office, strong winds picked up, causing the tree to sway more than planned. With news of the hurricane fast approaching, the cast and crew were then sent home for their safety until the dangerous weather conditions subsided a few days later.
  • At one point, David Spade's character Kyle Rumford from Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol was being considered as a possible replacement for the departing Steve Guttenberg.
  • If Steve Guttenberg had agreed to appear in this film, Mahoney would have been promoted to Lieutenant along with Hightower in the epilogue.


Like the 4th and the sequel, it holds a 0% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.