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Plan Bee

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Plan Bee
Plan Bee.jpg
"I. Want. More. HONEY!"
Genre: Animation
Directed By: Michael Schelp
Written By: Michael Schelp
Starring: Peter Fernandez
Denise Finelli
Katrina Kross
Claudine Ohayon
Corinne Orr
Katrina Rosati
Annie Silver
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Spark Plug Entertainment
Release Date: October 16, 2007
Runtime: 50 minutes
Country: United States

Plan Bee is a 2007 direct-to-DVD animated film written and directed by Michael Schelp and distributed by Spark Plug Entertainment. It was made to cash in on DreamWorks Animation's Bee Movie.


When Bing, the commander of a troop of bees, returns to the hive following a session of pollination and collecting honey, he and his troop find out that the hive's queen, Beatrice, has been exiled and her position usurped by the cruel Akif. The new queen forces the troop to sap flowers dry to produce as much honey as possible for her and expand the hive to accommodate more honey. Can Bing overthrow the usurper and restore order to his hive?

Why there's no Plan Bee

  1. First of all, this movie is a blatant mockbuster of Bee Movie.
  2. As par for the course for Spark Plug Entertainment's earlier animated features, the CGI and animation is poor, ugly, and outdated-looking. The character designs are also ugly and leave much to be desired, Akif being one of the ugliest-designed characters in the film, and these Visuals in the film look like a nightmare.
  3. The backgrounds of the film are two-dimensional images of Washington DC, which clashes with the 3D animation and makes moving objects look like they were green-screened in. This is especially noticeable when Bing, Joey, Zips, and Buffy are fleeing from the toad.
  4. A number of worker bees seen in the film are male despite the fact that worker bees are exclusively female in real life.
  5. Confusing plot points and related details.
    • How exactly does Bing know who Bellza is? The film never gives him a proper introduction, as his introduction scene is literally just him intentionally flying into Pistill and Bing ordering the troop to move out upon recognizing him.
    • Queen Akif was stated to have overthrown and exiled Queen Beatrice while Bing and his friends were collecting honey, but there seem to be no signs of any ruckus or anything really amiss once they get back to the hive until Akif's introduction. Bing and the gang also don't initially question Akif's demands.
    • Buffy, Joey, and Zips were trapped in a restaurant dumpster with no apparent way out that was soon taken away. A few scenes later, they are seen back in Queen Akif's hive after Bellza and the other minions found them sleeping after escaping and trying to rush back to the hive. How did Bing's troop escape?
  6. Generic, uninteresting, and even annoying characters who tend to only follow one personality trait. For example, Joey is the token "comedic relief fat kid who consumes everything" character who also has to constantly be reminded by Bing to not eat garbage, flowers, honeycombs, etc., a running gag that becomes tiresome quickly. The supporting characters also hardly undergo any development.
  7. The voice acting is largely mediocre. A number of the voice actors sound like they weren't very interested or enthusiastic when voicing the characters. Some of the voices, such as Zips' and Buffy's, are also grating or otherwise annoying.
  8. The setting of this movie, Washington DC, is basically used to make annoying references to things that tie into the movie's themes like George Washington and landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial. The references that involve the characters basically giving history lessons also drag the pacing and plot to a halt.
  9. Bland, cheesy, and forgettable music.
  10. Awkward dialogue that sometimes comes out of nowhere, one example being a line complaining about Washington DC being disrespected by litter.
  11. The climactic battle scene between Bing's troops and Akif's forces is boring and annoying with the constant grunting from the characters, and there isn't really any way to tell which side is winning until the end. Akif's forces also give up after being stung once.
    • On that note, Zips was stung eight times during the battle before Bonnie saved him, but once the battle is over, he seems to be perfectly okay despite that happening.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some likeable characters, such as Queen Belza.



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