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Piper Penguin and his Fantastic Flying Machines

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"This Penguin instead invents to fly!"
Piper Penguin and his Fantastic Flying Machines is a 2008 CGI mockbuster of Happy Feet and Surf's Up. It was made by Michael Schelp and his studio Spark Plug Entertainment. It is considered to be the least bad of Schelp's films, though still bad.


A young penguin named Piper wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a great inventor as well as build a machine that would allow him to fly out of Antarctica.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible and limited animation that looks like unfinished CGI , a few clips actually look frightening and scary.
  2. Predictable story. It just has Piper trying to make machines that can fly. We wish it was more than that.
  3. Generic characters. Pickles is a stereotypical valley girl.
  4. The movie relies on some unfunny and disgusting gross-out humor. For example, the burp jokes.
  5. Bland and cliched romance between Piper and Penny.
  6. Despite targeted towards children, there are some disturbing moments, like a group of krill embracing being eaten by the penguins.
  7. Both the trailer and DVD case give away the ending. Though people can pretty much figure it out already.
  8. It was used for cashing in on Surf's Up and Happy Feet .

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Decent voice acting.
  2. Penny is actually a likeable character.
  3. Although this is a mockbuster of Happy Feet and Surf's Up, it doesn't completely rip-off of these films.
  4. The penguin designs are cute and could work nicely in a TV show or video game.

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