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Genre: Drama
Starring: Alex Kendrick
Priscilla Shirer
Shari Rigby
Jack Sterner
Cameron Arnett
Aryn Wright-Thompson
Photography: Color
Release Date: August 23, 2019
Runtime: 115 minutes
Country: United States

Overcomer is a 2019 American Christian drama film directed by Alex Kendrick, who co-wrote the script with Stephen Kendrick.

Bad Qualities

  1. The plot is dull, generic, formulaic, and almost has nothing to do with Christainity, the Bible, or anything Jesus-related at all. To put it off this way, the film is about a man who struggles with something, but then some miracle happens, and he changes his life, and voila, that’s Overcomer for you!
    • The film also struggles finding a way to cram a Christian message, so to solve that issue. It literally has a scene only just to teach about God, and how he’s so loving and powerful.
    • Ironically, there were actually 50 people that accepted Jesus Christ as their savior while this was shown in theaters despite how this did nothing to affect them.
  2. While the acting can be decent, some of the characters have absolutely horrendous acting, especially Barbara, Hannah’s grandmother, during the infamous scene where she lectures John and Amy for taking Hannah to see her father where she keeps saying how much “pain” he gave her and will most likely make the viewer laugh for how badly she pretends to yell.
  3. Very poor marketing as there were barely any advertisements to this film, and the fact that it was released besides It Chapter Two. Somehow, it managed to make more than its budget back.
  4. Unlike most Kendrick Brothers productions, this film doesn’t really have anything strong in this film, as most of these problems would usually happen in a typical drama. Compared to movies like Courageous, it’s very weak emotionally.
  5. Hannah is a very strange kid. She doesn’t even express emotions at all. Even when she cries, her face remains neutral or even when she’s happy, she just stays that way. She also talks in a very robotic voice, too, which can get really unsettling and can ruin moments such as her meeting her father.
  6. The soundtrack is consistent with generic modern-day gospel songs which have been disliked by many people due to the fact only praising God and how he’s wonderful and loving, despite how God has entered sin in this world and the world being a bad place.
  7. The big secret that Thomas Hill, the guy in the hospital bed, is...he’s Hannah’s father. Yep, and this movie treats it like it’s the biggest twist in cinematic history, all because Barbara lied to Hannah saying he died. Although it is kind of a big of a deal to find out at the age of a teenager, this film, as mentioned before, takes it way too seriously.
  8. Hannah being a runner with asthma is very questionable, considering that running is a very easy way to get an asthma attack (in fact, Hannah does get an asthma attack in the near end while running, how funny).
  9. For a PG-rated film targeted towards the whole family, it somehow wants to get into inappropriate topics, such as how Hannah’s parents going through a drug overdose, and even brought up meth in one scene.
  10. Poor attempts at humor, such as John trying to run 3 miles, but then decided to hate running after running for 32 minutes.
  11. Apparently, Barbara is portrayed as evil, conniving, and rude, but then 90 minutes into the film, she’s revealed that she’s also religious, and by praying to God, she can suddenly forgive anyone, even Hannah’s father. In real life, you would need to show repentance (which is proof of forgiveness) in order to forgive someone.

Good Qualities

  1. As mentioned before, some of the acting is decent enough.
  2. Unlike other Christian films, this film does teach a good message on how Jesus Christ did die for our sins and we’re all sinners, which is actually true compared to films that make atheists look like angry people.


Overcomer received generally mixed reviews from critics. It has a 6.5 on IMDb, a 56% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, and an incredibly low score of 17 on Metacritic, indicating “overwhelming dislike.” Despite all this, it somehow received acclaim from audiences (most likely Christians) as it has a 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, it was reported that 50 people have actually accepted Jesus as their savior from Alex Kendrick himself.


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