Our Friend, Martin

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Our Friend, Martin
I have a dream
Genre: History
Directed By: Rob Smiley
Vincenzo Trippetti
Produced By: Andy Boron
Andy Heyward
Phillip Jones
Robby London
Michael Maliani
Judith Reilly
Janice Sonski
Written By: Dawn Comer
Chris Simmons
Sib Ventress
Deborah Pratt
Starring: Robert Ri'chard
Lucas Black
Dexter King
Jaleel White
Jessica Marie Garcia
Ed Asner
Angela Bassett
Danny Glover
Whoopi Goldberg
Samuel L. Jackson
James Earl Jones
Ashley Judd
Richard Kind
Susan Sarandon
John Travolta
Oprah Winfrey
Frank Welker
Jess Harnell
Distributed By: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release Date: January 12, 1999
Runtime: 61 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

Our Friend, Martin is a direct-to-DVD animated children's educational film about Martin Luther King, Jr. It was produced by DIC Entertainment and published by 20th Century Fox, and it was released on January 12, 1999.

Bad Qualities

  1. As expected from a good number of things made by DIC, the animation is cheaply done.
    • In fact, the animation style used in this movie looks like it was ripped off from fellow-DIC series Mummies Alive!, due to the fact many episodes of it alongside this movie were animated by the same overseas company (Hang Yang Production).
    • Additionally, some of the stock footage used in the film is edited to superimpose Miles and Randy into it.
  2. Some questionable voice choices. Martin Luther King Jr.'s voice actor for his twelve year old self sounds way older than a twelve year old.
    • Actually, pretty much all of the characters both look and sound way too old for 6th-graders.
  3. The movie has a rather strange premise. A class trip takes Miles, a student who is failing school, and his best friend Randy to Martin Luther King Jr.'s childhood home, and they are able to travel back in time to various points of MLK's life by making contact with personal belongings of his.
  4. Some mediocre and unlikable characters. For example, Kyle is your everyday generic school bully character.
  5. Some moments in the movie, don't really fit the G rating. Such as Kyle's dad smoking in the car, Martin Luther King getting shot (thankfully offscreen), and some racial profiling.
  6. Some voice acting is a bit mediocre.
  7. One of the scenes, where Maria Ramirez speaks Spanish and doesn't understand English when the timeline is screwed up, there is no subtitles for the English viewers to understand what she is saying.

Good Qualities

  1. Amazing soundtrack.
  2. Good voice acting from some voice actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg.
  3. The movie does a good job of teaching about MLK's life and the Civil Rights Movement.
  4. The plot premise may be strange, but the idea of going back in time to witness the life of an important historical figure is very interesting.
  5. Martin is a very likable character, which isn’t surprising at all.


The movie currently has a 6.7/10 rating on IMDB and a 66% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It was nominated for an Emmy award in 1999 for Outstanding Animated Program.

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11 months ago
Score 1
Can anyone add categorys


5 months ago
Score 4
Oh holy moly! I watched this movie back in elementary school, i thought it was good in my opinion.


one month ago
Score 2
It's not THAT bad.


19 days ago
Score 1
I personally think this movie is awesome, despite it being dated.

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