Once Upon a Mattress (2005)

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Once Upon a Mattress is a 2005 made-for-TV movie based on the 1959 musical of the same name by Mary Rodgers & Marshall Barer.


The true, true story of "The Princess And The Pea"

Why It Sucks 

  1. Alongside Annie and Buddy's Musical Christmas, the film has an extremely poor grasp of the source material. Notable examples include the Jester being a guy instead of a girl and The King being bit on the butt instead of the neck
  2. Where is the The Minstrel?! In the original 1959 show, he served as a narrator and in the junior version, he appeared with The Jester as well being the narrator.
  3. Extremely inappropriate moments such as Winnifred almost getting raped by Dauntless
  4. Wasted the talents of legendary actress Carol Burnett, along with Tracey Ullman, Zooey Deschanel, Matthew Morrison, Michelle Harrison, and others who were involved in the TV movie.

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