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Not Cool is a 2014 romantic comedy produced by Steeltown Entertainment and distributed by Starz Digital Media. The film stars Shane Dawson, who was also the director, co-producer and editor, Cherami Leigh, Drew Monson, Michelle Veintimilla, and Lisa Schwartz, and written by Dan Schoffer.

Why it Sucks

  1. Terrible and unsubstantial plot.
  2. Terrible acting.
  3. Terrible and unrealistic dialogue.
  4. Attempts at comedy that just come off as awkward than actually funny.
  5. Unlikable and two-dimensional characters.
  6. Scott (Shane Dawson) is constantly told by others that he's attractive. For a film starring, directed, co-produced and edited by Dawson himself, this just comes off as egotistical and pretentious for him.
  7. The relationship subplot just feels forced and happens because ... it has to.
  8. Each character is some sort of stereotype: the homeless guy that eats his feces, the flamboyant bitchy gay guy, the religious Hindu with an accent, the mentally insane aunt, etc.
  9. Most of the main cast are in their 20s which makes it hard to believe they're still in high school.
  10. Nearly everyone just screams their dialogue.
  11. Terrible and obvious green screen in the car scenes.


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