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Norm of the North: Family Vacation

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Norm of the North: Family Vacation
Not Another Norm of the North Again.jpeg
Splash Entertainment, when will you learn to stop milking Norm of the North just for profit and for stealing the biggest bucks to add it to Lionsgate's giant room for money?
Genre: Animated
Directed By: Anthony Bell
Produced By: Andrew Tight
Liz Young
Written By: Elie Choufany
Alec Sokolow
Starring: Jennifer Cameron
Paul Dobson
Brian Drummond
Lisa Durupt
James Higuchi
Jonathan Holmes
Cole Howard
Lee Tockar
Andrew Toth
Distributed By: Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Release Date: February 25, 2020 (United States)
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Franchise: Norm of the North
Prequel: Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure
Sequel: Norm of the North 5 (Cancelled)

Norm of the North: Family Vacation (also known as Norm of the North 4: Family Vacation or just simply known as Norm of the North 4) is a 2020 American computer-animated comedy-adventure direct-to-video movie produced by Splash Entertainment and distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. It serves as a sequel to Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure. Due to the fifth film's cancellation, this serves as the final instalment of the Norm of the North franchise.


Overwhelmed with his Kingly duties, Norm's crown is stolen and he embarks on a journey to find it in conjunction with repairing his family's relationship.

Why It's A Vacation That Ended In Disaster

  1. The film does very little to improve on the last 3 films.
  2. Voice performances can range from sub-par and even dreadful.
  3. This film had so many plot-holes such as characters knowing that Norm had a crown and while it was seen in the previous movies, it never has any significant importance, the Ice Boat from Harbin China to the Arctic Ice Circle, and etc.
  4. There is some crude humor that some parents may not find appropriate for the kids, such as Norm kissing a child on his bed, which gives off pedophilia implications in a family film.
  5. Misleading title: Despite being named as Family Vacation, the family does not take a family vacation in the actual movie.
  6. There is a scene in this film on the underwater that looks like it's copied from Finding Nemo.
  7. Like the previous films, the characters are still unlikable, especially Norm himself.
    • Speaking of the Beginning, the snowflakes looked awful as if someone who worked on the movie searched up Snowflakes green screen on Google or Youtube and this is the first thing that popped up they used.
  8. Tiny is an extremely annoying character.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The lemmings are used a lot less than in the previous films.
  2. Just like King Sized Adventure ,the animation improved a little bit on the characters movements and textures.
  3. The soundtrack is decent.
  4. Like the Keys To The Kingdom, it doesn't have any pop culture references.



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