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No. 46

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No. 46
No. 46 2016 film poster.png
Genre: Horror
Directed By: Ariana Kenny
Produced By: Ariana Kenny
Written By: Ariana Kenny
Starring: Deborah Joyce
Gerard Holland
Sarah Ann Wiles
Jack Marsden
Eddy Price
Photography: Color
Cinematography: Bahjat Alaadel
Distributed By: WACSProductions
Release Date: February 28, 2016 (limited)
Runtime: 87 minutes
Country: Australia
Language: English
Budget: AUD$5000

No. 46 (Number 46) is a 2016 Australian low-budget horror film produced by WACSProductions. The film stars Deborah Joyce, Gerard Holland, Sarah Ann Wiles, Jack Marsden, and Eddy Price. The film was written and directed by Ariana Kenny and was based on Kenny's own 2012 eBook The Kindred.[1]

Originally being produced under the title The Kindred, the film's screenplay was a finalist in the 2013 A Night of Horror Film Festival.[2] The film's production had received a small grant from Metro screen with a crowd-funding campaign launched in 2013 on Indiegogo to raise the remaining $5000, however, the campaign was only able to raise $100.[3]

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible acting, especially from Eddy Price.
  2. Terrible special effects.
  3. Terrible editing and sound.
  4. Boring story.



  • The hospital at the beginning which the child actor is in was the same used later in the awful 2017 Australian low-budget horror movie Ravenswood, which also had Sarah Ann Wiles in a minor role.
  • Despite the film's official Facebook page stating that a DVD release was due for March 2016,[4] the movie has yet to have any sort of home movie release. However, the film's writer and director, Ariana Kenny, uploaded the full film to her YouTube channel.[5]


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