My Ghost Dog (1997)

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My Ghost Dog, later released on video as My Magic Dog, is a 1997 TV family comedy movie produced by DonKey Productions and Royal Oaks Entertainment Inc. The film stars Leo Milbrook, Bryan Mendez, Russ Tamblyn, Jessica Knoblauch and Kate Doughan, written by Hamilton Underwood, and directed by John Putch.


An invisible pooch comes to a lonely young heir's rescue by preventing the lad's impossibly greedy aunt from bilking him out of his fortune.

Why It Sucks

  1. The story is below average, along with the dialogue and acting.
  2. The humor is quite cringeworthy.
  3. The movie is supposed to be about a magical ghost dog. However, there's more focus on the dad's dating life than on the dog.
  4. The movie follows the "Mom dies, so the only ones left are me, my dad, and my evil aunt" concept which has been done many times.
  5. The movie even barely focuses on magic.
  6. Aunt Violet (Kate Doughan) is your stereotypical rich evil aunt with an evil motive.
  7. Stereotypical "bullies" who would make fun of someone for no exact reason.
  8. The movie also suffers from being very predictable.
  9. Half-assed voice acting from the ghost dog.


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