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Money Train

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Money Train is a 1995 action crime comedy film produced by Columbia Pictures, written by Doug Richardson and David Loughery, and directed by Joseph Ruben. The film stars Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lopez, Robert Blake and Chris Cooper. The film received negative reviews from critics.

Why We Should Get Out Of The Fast Track

  1. A drawn-out film that's way too predictable.
  2. Lack of any subtly straight from the beginning. The viewers know that Donald Patterson (Robert Blake) is the main villain almost as soon as the movie starts.
  3. Pointless arguing between the characters that are just repeated attempts at comedy. For example, when they constantly argue to punch a person throughout the film.
  4. Little character development.
  5. Pointless scenes that just pad out the film and add little to the development of the story, like when John and Charles are first accused by Patterson for stealing money from the train only for him to be informed that they didn't and they leave.
  6. We immediately know that Grace Santiago (Jennifer Lopez) and John (Wesley Snipes) will hook up by their screen time. The romantic subplot doesn't add much to the main plot either and is just there for the sake of it.
  7. For a film about robbing a money train, there is no talk about robbing a money train until 30 minutes in, and they only actually attempt to rob it 75 minutes in.
    1. And when they set out to do the robbery, Charles goes to a station where the train is arriving, jumping down onto the tracks uncovered and in plain sight, only putting a mask on once positioned on the tracks! The train moves slowly and stops over top of him, and he enters through a grate on the floor. Again, this is all done in plain sight of the train driver, and the train moves as if the driver was setting up for Charlie to rob the train.
  8. Countless plotholes throughout that defy all logic.


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