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Mitos Y Leyendas: La Nueva Alianza

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Mitu Y Leyendas: La Nueva Alianza, translated as "Myths and Legends: The New Alliance", is a 2010 Chilean action-fantasy film directed by José Luis Guridi and starring Christian Sève, Sebastian Badilla, Paulette Sève, Trinidad Cortina, Luis Lobos Robles Marko Zaror, Andrés Velasco, Jenny Cavallo and Ariel Levy. It is based on the famous card game of the same name


The movie focuses on Martín, who is a fan of the Myths and Legends card game. After a tournament, he finds a secret symbol that allows him to open a portal to the game's dimension. Sofía, sister of his best friend Vicho, is trapped in the game dimension when Martín shows her the portal and gets kidnapped by Cronos, the God of Time, who plans to invade the real world. Martín and his friends, Gordon, Vicho and Maite, have to recruit allies and save Sofía.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor grasp of the source material, like Dragonball: Evolution, The Last Airbender, Bratz and practically every movie based on a videogame, it's like the director and the crew knew absolutely nothing about the game.
  2. Unnecessary subplots. The people only went to this movie, just for a simple reason: to see Martín and his friends visit the worlds of the game, they simply wanted a story told with a card game, instead they put unnecessary plots that waste time and lead to nothing, making that the parts that actually matter receive little to no development.
  3. Maite is very unlikable, even for being Martín's crush. It's OK creating rude characters that aren't afraid of express their feelings or with negative mentality that's OK, but Maite is very unlikable, she gets annoyed by everything, says offensive things and doesn't want to try new things, in fact when they asked her if she likes the game, she answered: "No, ya crecí" ("Nope, I grew up"), which is offensive for the fans of the game.
  4. Gordon. Let's ignore he's played by Sebastián Badilla and that he and his brother Gonzalo Badilla are infamous for their movies. Almost every important event of the film revolves around him, he gets the final card needed to create the portal, he knows the champion that helped in the creation of the cards, he gets the amulet to defeat Cronos, it's not bad that other characters rather than the protagonist find something necessary for the plot, in a tale it's necessary that all the protagonists collaborate, but this takes Vicho, Maite and Martín's protagonism away, making them look useless, when they're supposed to be a team.
  5. When Cronos and his crew ask Sofía where's the portal she came from, she simply doesn't say anything and goes away. Cronos and his crew are by far the least threatening villains, I mean who does that? Also in the same scene, Cronos says that he will use her as bait, which never happens in the film.
  6. Plot Inconsistences: When Martín shows Sofía the world of the game, they're attacked and Sofía is the first of the two who escapes, but when Martín arrives, he discovered that she was kidnapped. How this happened if she was the first one in crossing the portal?
  7. Following point 6, the cards catch fire in that scene, which leaves them useless. How this could happened if the next times they use the portal, the cards won't catch fire?
  8. When Martín and friends come to rescue Sofía, they infiltrate in the castle and there were no guards.
  9. Gordon dies after being disintegrated by the witch, just because the Amulet got stuck in his pants. Martín decides to save him, by switching his card with Gordon's (that should have made the portal close, rather than save Gordon and go back in time before Sofía's kidnap), this could have been good material to make a sequel, but instead they decided to use the typical "happy ending" by coming back in time and making Vicho, Gordon and Maite remember what happened.
  10. Martín gets angry at his parents, because they don't want to take him in the car to the tournament at the beginning of the film. Doesn't he know how to use a bus?!
  11. Martín doesn't tell anything to his friends about his card, because he's an ally of Cronos, it's a shame that this was a wasted chance of making the movie good, along Gordon's death and doing an epic scene, but the scene ends in a minor argument that leads to nothing with his friends.
  12. The movie is a massive disappointment to fans of the original card game. They don't use the elements they have and create and instead they waste a lot of potential chances.


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