Miracle in Toyland

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Miracle in Toyland
There is no miracle in Toyland.
Genre: Christmas
Starring: Cam Clarke
Debi Derryberry
Daran Norris
Dionne Quan
Photography: Color
Release Date: November 14, 2000
Runtime: 92 minutes
Country: United States

Miracle in Toyland is a 2000 animated film made by Golden Films and released by GoodTimes Entertainment.


Jesse Justice, a lonely boy, learns to care about others over himself after meeting a bunch of toys in the titular Toyland.

Why It's not a Miracle

  1. Although we're supposed to sympathize with Jesse, he is extremely unlikable, being a whiny and hyper-competitive jerk. His character development is also incredibly rushed and forced.
  2. Some things (like toys dying) are overly dark for a children's film and it is considered to be a rip off of Disney's Toy Story.
  3. Misleading title: What was the point when Toyland is "miracle", but it's just plain bland?
  4. Cliched premise of a selfish individual learning to care about others.
  5. Generic and laughable names for the toy characters like Toy Woman, Elf Girl, and Super Duper Guy. Yes, those are the actual names of the characters'.
  6. Low-quality art and animation.
    • The snow effects are extremely distracting.
    • Several perspective shots and animation layers are messed up.
    • Terrible scene continuity. The characters appear to teleport around the place due to the reuse of backgrounds.
    • The backgrounds frequently either make no sense or are out of proportion compared to the characters.
  7. Scenes and characters that are brought up are just dropped and never mentioned again.
  8. The relationship between Jesse and his cousin Gabriella has some unintentional incestuous undertones.
    • Speaking of incestuous undertones, the Elf Girl is drawn in a creepy, sexual way. There's even a scene where her panties are showned for a brief second, which is inappropriate for a children's movie (shown in Phelous's review here).
  9. Unfitting soundtrack.
  10. Terrible voice acting, even from voice actors such as Cam Clarke , Debi Derryberry, Daran Norris and Dionne Quan.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the bad voice acting, it had a lot of great actors like Cam Clarke.
  2. Jesse does redeem himself in the end in spite of his character development being rushed.


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