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Major League: Back to the Minors

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Major League: Back to the Minors
Major league back to the minors xlg.jpg
Genre: Sports
Directed By: John Warren
Produced By: John Warren
Written By: James G. Robinson
Starring: Scott Bakula
Corbin Bernsen
Dennis Haysbert
Takaaki Ishibashi
Jensen Daggett
Eric Bruskotter
Ted McGinley
Bob Uecker
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date: April 17, 1998
Runtime: 100 minutes
Country: United States
Prequel: Major League II

Major League: Back to the Minors is a 1998 sports comedy film starring Scott Bakula, Corbin Bernsen, Dennis Haysbert, and Takaaki Ishibashi. It is the third film in the Major League film series. The film was written by James G. Robinson and was directed by John Warren instead of David S. Ward, the writer and director of the first two films.


The Minnesota Twins prepare for a game at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to beat a minor league team in South Carolina.

Why It's A Major Disaster

  1. Despite a slight step up from the second film, the story is even weaker than the second film.
  2. The main cast members (eg. Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen) don't make an appearance.
  3. The humour is an ever bigger step down from the humour in the previous films.
  4. David S. Ward had no involvement with this film despite getting the "based on characters by" credit.
  5. While the first film was rated R, Back to the Minors was chopped down to PG-13 (though not as far as the second film, which was rated PG).
  6. The new main characters are not as awesome as the original ones.
  7. It only has four cast members from the first two films: Corbin Bernsen, Dennis Haysbert, Bob Uecker and Steve Yeager.
  8. Mediocre and laughable dialogue.
  9. The Cleveland Indians aren't featured in the film.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The sports action scenes are good.
  2. The idea of having a different baseball team be in the story was decent.
  3. It was interesting to have the supporting characters have their own film.
  4. The idea of a spin-off was pretty good for this film.
  5. The music is decent.
  6. The minor league idea was interesting, which was not featured in the previous films.
  7. The poster is nice looking.


Major League: Back to the Minors received negative reviews from critics, fans and audiences. The film currently holds a 21% "rotten" approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an average of 3 out of 10, but lacks a critic consensus. James Sanford of Kalamazoo Gazette stated in his review, "The drabness of the leads sets the tone for the picture, which is not so much awful as it is awfully dull. invigorating as watching Saran Wrap unroll." Scott Weinberg of stated about the film "And you thought it couldn't get worse than Part 2."

Box Office

Major League: Back to the Minors opened up at #10 on its opening weekend with a domestic gross of $2,087,011. It would later make a total domestic gross of $3,551,208. Unlike the first two films which were hits, Back to the Minors was a box office bomb grossing only $3 million against its $18 million budget.


Possible Sequel

In 2010, David S. Ward (the writer and director of the first two films) stated that he plans to have a true third Major League film with the original cast returning and having the plot focus on Ricky "Wild Thing" coming out of retirement and returning to the field. Despite there not being any further updates, Charlie Sheen stated in a 2017 interview in that the third film could happen. [1]


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