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The Room of racist movies.
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Jeremy Saville
Written By: Jeremy Saville
Starring: Jeremy Saville
Susan Diol
Tiara Parker
Albie Selznick
Mara Hall
Distributed By: Indie Rights (Prime Video)
Release Date: May 21, 2019
Country: United States

Loqueesha is a 2019 independent American comedy film produced, written, directed and starring Jeremy Saville.


A white guy pretends to be a black female talk radio host and becomes a huge hit.

Why It Sucks

  1. White Chicks, while not good, already did the concept better, although in the opposite way.
  2. Its extremely offensive and racist plot, involving a man masquerading as a sassy black lady, stirred a ton of controversy when the trailer was released.
    • In fact, it tries to rip off Soul Man's already terrible concept, except it does it way worse.
  3. Horrible, and we mean, HORRIBLE editing. Sometimes, you can even notice the voices cut from a few milliseconds.
    • One example of the poor editing is in three separate scenes, you can notice that Jeremy has food on his chin, and they didn't bother to find scenes where the food on his chin wasn't visible.
  4. Unfunny and distasteful humor, especially the line "Well thanks for calling, enjoy your jump" when a girl calls "Loqueesha" telling her she's about to jump off a bridge and kill herself.
    • At one point, a black man tells Joe (Saville) that he's a better black woman than a real one.
  5. Terrible acting, especially for Jeremy Saville. He doesn't even sound like a black lady at all and instead comes off as sounding like a complete weirdo on smack. Instead, he more sounds like a Cajun.
  6. While Saville may have good intentions on making this film, such as covering the topics of racism, unemployment, African American Tropes, etc., he instead comes off as sounding like those generic Anti-SJW people who whine over left-wing related stuff. It's also pretty hypocritical of him, especially when you look at his older works such as "The Girlfriend Trainer" which clearly show how misogynistic and racist he is when you watch them.
    • The worst part is that he never addresses the fact that most radio hosts are white men.
  7. Horrifically bad production value. The film's cinematography is incredibly lazy and it appears this movie was made with absolutely no budget, which makes the movie look like something made for a really bad YouTube skit.
  8. For some reason, in the ending, everyone learns Loqueesha's actually Joe, and they choose to forgive him.


The film was universally panned by critics. It is widely considered one of the worst films ever made. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 0% approval rating from critics, based on five reviews, with an average rating of 1/10.



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