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Look Who's Talking Now is a 1993 romantic family comedy movie directed by Tom Ropelewski was the third and final movie in the Look Who's Talking Trilogy. It's also the only movie in the trilogy where Bruce Willis wasn't involved.


Now as kids, Mikey and Julie wish to have pets and James and Molly try look for pets, as well as later on trying to reunite the family.

Why It Sucks

  1. The charm from the first two films has disappeared and instead of the film's subject about talking babies, it's about talking dogs.
  2. Even more cliché plot.
  3. The jokes are not funny at all.
  4. The dream scene where the two dreams emerge with each other is extremely cringeworthy.
  5. Having Mikey and Julie as kids now is nice, but it's a big loss of the charm.
  6. It lacks the presence of Bruce Willis, who voiced Mikey in the first two movies, which is one of the reasons what made the first movie enjoyable.
  7. Poor effects.
  8. The scene with the family singing the Chipmunks song: Christmas (Don't be Late) is annoying.
  9. The opening scene is poor.
  10. The hatred between the dogs, is similar to the hatred between Mikey and Julie in the 2nd movie. However, just like the third movie, they became friends at the end.
  11. It rehashes the plot of the first movie. But instead of giving birth to a baby, it's about adopting dogs.
  12. Unlike the first two movies, which were more family oriented, (despite some inappropriate content), this one is blatantly for kids.
  13. A pointless dream sequence where Julie dreams that she could beat Charles Barkley.
  14. While they still give good performances, both Travolta's and Alley's performances are a little dim compared to the first two movies.
  15. Amy Heckerling (who directed the first two movies) didn't direct this one, which is another reason why this movie is so different compare to the first two.
  16. It permanently killed the Look Who's Talking franchise.
  17. Pointless strangeness that doesn't seem to stop.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The acting is still good, and the voice acting is good too, especially from Danny DeVito. Even if Travolta's and Alley's preformances are a little dim compare to he first two movies.
  2. It was nice to see Mikey and Julie as kids now.
  3. The ending was nice.
  4. Good soundtrack.
  5. The annoying and creepy baby gym instructor, from the 2nd movie isn't in this one, nor is he mentioned.
  6. A year after this was released, John Travolta got his career back on track with the release of Pulp Fiction, which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.


The movie received even worse reviews than the second movie and holds a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a critic consesus that reads "Look Who's Talking Now! Look away." It also failed at the box office, becoming the lowest grossing movie in the trilogy.


Box Office

The film managed to gross $10,340,263 against it $22 million budget, thus killing the franchise.


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