Little & Big Monsters

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Little & Big Monsters
LittleBigMonsters dvd lg.jpg
"That darn Chinese news channel."
Genre: Adventure
Directed By: Everton Rodrigues
Produced By: Ale McHaddo
Cricia Giamatei
Written By: Ale McHaddo (story)
Daniel Turini
Vitor Brandt
Starring: Paulo Avila
Sidney Cesar
Adna Cruz
Francisco Freitas
Ronald Liano
Cleber Martins
Alex Minei
Luciana Minei
Eli Moreno
Vagner Santos
Distributed By: Morningstar Entertainment (United States)
Release Date: March 24, 2009 (United States)
Runtime: 45 Minutes
Country: Brazil
Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Sequel: What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue!

Little & Big Monsters (Monstros e Monstrinhos in Portuguese) is a computer animated film made in 2009 by Vídeo Brinquedo.


"Two wacky and goofy scientists, whose experiments always seem to go wrong, manage to do one thing right – they are incredible monster hunters! When one of their experiments gone wrong forces them to put their monster hunting skills to the test, they team up with two witty kids to save the world from some really quirky little and big monsters... with a sweet tooth." - The back of the DVD Box.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's a blatant rip-off of Monsters Vs. Aliens and The Incredibles.
    • It's also a rip-off of The X's. Heck, even Guto (the ginger kid) looks a lot like Truman X from that show.
  2. Like most of Vídeo Brinquedo's works, the graphics and animation are hideous, primitive and outdated by 2009 standards, though it's not as bad as most of their previous films.
  3. The designs of the monsters are generic and cheesy, not only that, none of the monsters are either little or big, there all pretty average sized.
  4. Despite the movie taking place in October 31st, there's no Halloween decorations in any part.
  5. There's a scene where a robot acts like a Chinese stereotype, which is racist and also offensive to Chinese people.
  6. There's a poster of another Vídeo Brinquedo movie, The Little Cars in The Great Race, in Guto's room, which can be considered by many people as an advertisement for that movie.
    • Also, the poster is not really a poster, it's literally just the Brazilian DVD cover placed on a wall.
  7. It was one of the last Vídeo Brinquedo films before they went bankrupt in 2012, but it shows absolutely no improvement from their previous works.
  8. Slow pacing.
  9. All the protagonists are downright detestable. Dr. Zoox & Dr. Crumb come across as bumbling old men (Dr. Crumb is always getting pissed at some piece of technology, even if he invented it), Amanda is a ditsy airhead and Guto is an obnoxious brat who thinks that a green egg looks like a baseball.
  10. Unimpressive characters that look like background Jimmy Neutron characters.
  11. The lip-syncing is just as bad or even worse than Ratatoing, another one of Video Brinquedo's works.
  12. The characters make really weird or just plain creepy facial expressions most of the time.
  13. Dr. Crumb seems to really hate Guto in this movie for whatever reason, but they are inexplicably on much better terms in the sequel.
  14. For some odd reason, many of the characters clothes and hair will randomly start vibrating for no reason at all, this is especially seen with Dr. Crumb and Amanda, the only character who seems to be safe from this is Guto.
  15. Going back to WIS #8, the reason Dr. Zoox and Dr. Crumb are so popular is because they supposedly stopped an alien invasion in 1954. Then it turns out that there was no alien invasion and the two of them had lied to the government in order to get research money so that they could build their intergalactic antenna. Honestly, they should be in jail! Plus, how would they even fake a monster attack? It's impossible.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of monsters that can grow or shrink by eating sugar or salt is actually interesting.
  2. The voice acting (at least in the English dub) is decent.
  3. As stated before, this was one of the last Vídeo Brinquedo films before they went bankrupt.
  4. The graphics and animation (while still bad) are at least somewhat better than their previous films.
  5. If anything, it alongside its sequel are probably Vídeo Brinquedo's least bad films.

The Movie



  • In Poland, it was released as a original Cartoon Network film. It also aired a-lot on Friday nights on the Cartoon Network in the US from 2009 until mid-2011.

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Box Cover: Everyone will enjoy this zany story about monsters and friends!

Movie: (Happens to be a blatant Monster vs. Aliens rip-off)

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