Leonard Part 6

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Leonard Part 6
Leonard part six ver2.jpg
The movie that started the downfall of Bill Cosby.
Genre: Action
Directed By: Paul Weiland
Produced By: Bill Cosby
Written By: Jonathan Reynolds
Bill Cosby
Starring: Bill Cosby
Tom Courtenay
Joe Don Baker
Moses Gunn
Gloria Foster
Cinematography: Jan de Bont
Distributed By: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: December 18, 1987
Runtime: 85 Minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

Leonard Part 6 is a 1987 American parody of spy movies directed by Paul Weiland and produced and written by Bill Cosby, who also plays the titular character.

The film failed miserably at the box office, as Cosby himself, having fallen out with Weiland during the film's production, actually warned people not to see it in the weeks leading up to its theatrical release. The film also had the "honor" of winning 3 Golden Raspberry Awards, including the award for Worst Picture of 1987. The film has often been called one of the worst films of all time.


The film begins with an opening sequence with a butler informing the viewer that there are no parts 1 through 5 because they have apparently been "locked up in the interests of world security".

Leonard Parker, a former CIA agent, is called back into action when he hears that Medusa Johnson, an evil vegetarian, is attempting to brainwash animals into killing humans. But at the same time, he is dealing with domestic issues; his daughter is being engaged to a man older than her and his estranged wife is acting like his daughter and cannot deal with him. As a result, Leonard must resolve his domestic issues and save the world again at the same time.

Why It Sucks

  1. Bill Cosby's character is weak and unlikable.
  2. The plot is very weak.
  3. The so-called "jokes" are not funny because there is no development to them and no punchline in sight. For instance, it's called "Part 6", because the previous movies were locked as state secrets. Another terrible joke is when Leonard tries to knock down a door with a grenade launcher and is unsuccessful at knocking it down.
  4. Phoned-in acting, especially Bill Cosby's, who looks bored throughout the film and can barely stay awake.
  5. The title doesn't make any sense which would confused people if they have watched a number of "parts" about Leonard before the sixth "part" was made.
  6. The film is poorly paced, with about the first 34 minutes being taken up of unfunny, lazy jokes about Leonard's domestic troubles with little action or relevance to the plot; the rest of the film after Leonard finally accepts being back in the secret agent business plays out like a typical action film with an incredibly fast pace.
    • And yet, the montage of Leonard getting ready to see his ex-wife is 7 minutes long.
  7. There are numerous plotholes throughout the movie. For instance, the scene where the agent attempts to kill Leonard is never brought up again.
  8. Bad special effects. In one scene when the frogs are launching a car, you can see a machine making the car bounce.
  9. The aforementioned subplot of Leonard's daughter being engaged to an older man is never resolved or brought up again as soon as the scene is over; the only importance the scene has is that it establishes that his daughter is going to act in a play that Leonard later goes to attend with his ex-wife in the film.
  10. As pointed out by Roger Ebert in his and Gene Siskel's review on Siskel & Ebert, there is a lot of unnecessary Coca-Cola product placement throughout the film (mainly because Coca-Cola owned Columbia Pictures at the time; Columbia is now owned by Sony). For example, when Leonard confronts the man engaged to his daughter and when they sit down together, Leonard keeps holding a Coca-Cola bottle over his face for no apparent reason.
  11. Overuse of unnecessary narration by Leonard's butler.


  • Bill Cosby bought the television rights.
  • Cosby also disowned the film on various talk shows before and after the film's release.


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