Las Aventuras de Rataldo

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Las Aventuras de Rataldo
"¿A que te apetece algo para llevarte a la boca?"
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Ferran Amor
Written By: Luis Miguel Martínez
Starring: Sergio Mesa
Distributed By: Ok Records
Release Date: Summer of 2007
Runtime: 43 minutes
Country: Spain
Sequel: N/A

Las Aventuras de Rataldo (sometimes known as The Adventures of Rataldo) is an animated film produced by L.M.ENTS DESIGN in collaboration with Ok Records. It was released directly to DVD in 2007.


Rataldo, our protagonist, is a senior advertising executive who lives his success with pride and arrogance. He is a terrible boss and a bad partner who does not respect those around him, believing himself to be the center of the universe. In his world anything goes to achieve the ultimate goal, whatever it may be, regardless of others. But this reality is radically transformed at the moment when, due to a fortuitous accident, he is led into a world that has nothing to do with his own. Away from his home, his place of work and without remembering who he is, he will have to accept the help of some characters who will teach him that the important things in life have nothing to do with what he believed.

Why It Sucks

  1. The plot is slightly similar to Flushed Away.
  2. Terrible Maya 3D animation that looks like a late 90s/early 2000s PC game.
  3. The characters are really poor.
    • During the beginning of the film, Rataldo is an overly unlikeable and arrogant jerk who doesn't care about anyone but himself, though he gets more tolerable later on.
    • Chessy is a generic girl character who barely has any personality.
    • Oto is probably supposed to be a comic relief character kinda like Donkey from Shrek, but without the charm.
    • Fust is a pathetic villain who gets introduced from out of nowhere and it's only there to be the bad guy.
  4. Poor attempts at humor that mostly consist of pop culture references (e.g. Rocky Balboa, James Bond…)
  5. Awful rat puns such as Rataldo (Rat+Ronaldo), Rata Cola (Rat+Coca-Cola), Ratbull (Rat+Redbull), among others.
  6. Generic plot about a greedy construction company that tries to demolish an old apartment complex because they want to build expensive houses for the rich.
    • Rataldo's amnesia subplot is also a pretty washed out and overused concept.
  7. False advertising: In the DVD cover, the homeless rat is blue, but he is grey in the actual movie.
    • This may have been done to capitalise on the release of Ratatouille since the rat looks kinda similar to Remy.
    • Besides the odd colour choice, the homeless rat only appears in ONE scene, so putting him in the cover makes no sense since he's obviously a minor character.
  8. Rataldo's design is pretty unoriginal, as he looks too similar to Roddy from Flushed Away.
  9. The title is exaggerated since there's no real adventure.
  10. Repetitive and obnoxious score.
  11. The morals are presented in a very direct and unsubtle way. At one point, Chessy straight up says the moral of the film (big construction companies only care about their own benefit).
  12. Various signs of laziness:
    • There's a lot of recycled props e.g. The Ratdonald's and Rata Cola posters; a closet that was reused as a window and a door; a photo of Rataldo holding an award; etc.
    • Not counting Elsie, who is a recolored Chessy, there's only 7 complete character models throughout the movie, while the rest of characters, such as Rataldo's mother, are invisible.
    • The Ratburger scene is unbelievably short, as we don't even get to see the interior.
  13. Making a mockbuster of Flushed Away was a pretty dumb idea considering that it was a box office bomb when it originally came out in 2006, a year before this movie was released.
  14. Pretty much like Shark Tale or Sing, the movie had no reason to make the characters anthropomorphic animals, you could make them humans and the change would've been minimal.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some unintentionally funny moments here and there.
  2. The voice acting is mostly decent.
  3. At least the movie tried to give a good message about solidarity.
  4. The concept art looks nice.


Las Aventuras de Rataldo currently holds a 2.6/10 on IMDB. Due to the movie's obscurity, it doesn't have a lot of reviews.


  • This is the first and only film produced by L.M.ENTS DESIGN before rebranding to Bob in 2017.
    • Bob later rebranded to Brandon in early 2020.
  • The voice acting was provided by Seimar RLM, which were also known for the European Spanish dub of Hey Arnold!
  • The distributors of this movie, Ok Records, had previously distributed Vídeo Brinquedo movies such as Ratatoing and The Little Cars in Spain.
    • This has led many people to believe that Vídeo Brinquedo made Las Aventuras de Rataldo, however there is no proof or connection to prove that they had any involvement with this movie.


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