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Kim Possible

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Kim Possible
🎵🎶Call me, beep me, don't you want to reach me?🎶🎵
Genre: Live-Action
Directed By: Adam Stein
Zach Lipovsky
Written By: Josh Cagan
Bob Schooley
Mark McCorkle
Starring: Sadie Stanley
Sean Giambrone
Ciara Riley Wilson
Alyson Hannigan
Patton Oswalt
Todd Stashwick
Isaac Ryan Brown
Patrick Sabongui
Taylor Ortega
Connie Ray
Erika Tham
Distributed By: Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Release Date: February 15, 2019
Runtime: 86 minutes
Country: United States
Franchise: Kim Possible (2002-2007)

Kim Possible is a Disney Channel live-action television movie based on the Disney animated series of the same name. It premiered on February 15, 2019.


The film follows the titular hero, Kim Possible, a typical high school girl who saves the world from her nemesis, Dr. Drakken, with the help of her best friend/sidekick Ron Stoppable, his naked mole-rat Rufus and computer genius Wade.

Why It Should Be (K)Impossible

  1. Bad grasp of the source material from the same creators, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle (who are writers and executive producers for the movie) and Disney Channel, where it airs.
  2. Most of the characters are flanderized badly and lack the charm they had in the series.
    • Kim suffers the worst flanderization of all the characters, as she has gone from a badass spy as well as a caring and loving friend into a spoiled, jealous, attention-seeking Mary Sue who is obsessed with being popular at school and a better spy, and cares more about validation than actually saving the world. She is also depicted as being much weaker and more emotionally vulnerable than in the original series just to make Athena seem stronger and more powerful in comparison, which is evident in how she is often doubting herself and crying many times in the film ever since Athena became more popular than her.
      • Kim's sports profession has changed from cheerleading to soccer as this was one of Kim's defining character traits in the original series, and it explains why she's so athletic, by gaining the athletic trait solely from Nana Possible's dojo in the film.
      • Kim's jealousy towards Athena completely goes against her character in the show of how she doesn't hold grudges against those she's jealous of for very long and eventually moves on.
        • While in the original series, Kim does show jealousy towards her rivals at times, she quickly moves on from her jealousy and instead overcomes it in a mature way and quickly moves on to more important tasks like saving the world, unlike this live-action counterpart of hers.
      • For some strange reason, in the film Kim is shown to be actually deathly terrified of electric eels, while in the episode "Rufus in Show" of the original cartoon, electric eels barely even frighten her.
    • Ron is a lot dumber and a more incompetent sidekick than in the original series.
    • Wade, despite having good intentions, continuously alerts and updates Kim on what is going on in the world way too much on almost every aspect of Kim's life, even during the most inappropriate of times, hence making him (unintentionally) come off as a stalker.
    • Bonnie is still a one-dimensional popular girl, but she is far meaner and crueler to Kim than in the original series. For example, despite being impressed with Kim's soccer skills, she still refuses to allow Kim on the Middleton High School soccer team and instead demotes her to being the team's equipment manager as freshmen can't be on the team. She even lets the new girl Athena be on the soccer team despite her being a freshman due to her skills, which makes her come off as very hypocritical.
    • Kim and Ron's homeroom teacher Steve Barkin has been changed from a tough-as-nails militant into a complete weakling and a crazy cat person, which is not how he acted in the original cartoon. In addition, he is not even funny at all, since his original voice actor Patrick Warburton is what made his original animated counterpart a funny and memorable character due to Warburton's humorous voice and over-dramatic voice-over performance, something which his actor Michael P. Northey failed to recapture in the character.
    • Drakken and Shego's dynamic aren't as well-written here and aren't nearly as funny as they were in the original cartoon.
    • Kim's younger twin brothers Jim and Tim are pointless as they're barely shown in the film, not even for the comic relief of harassing Kim and other characters for fun like in the original cartoon.
  3. Despite being based on the show, due to the creators being involved in the movie’s process, this resulted in the film's continuity becoming a mess. Sometimes it acts as a prequel (see #14), interquel (probably with #12), and rest of the time not so, all in one film.
    • In the series, Kim always uses a variety of spy gadgets, but in the film, she's obsessed with only grappling guns.
  4. The pacing is very slow and inferior compared to the series, which is known for its fast pacing and action in order to fit the show's comedic timing. Not helping is the film's bad cinematography used in most of the action scenes which slows down the film's pacing.
  5. Most of the film's focus is on Kim's high school popularity rather than doing any spy-related missions.
  6. The new designs for the characters don’t fit very well. Like Kim's new mission outfit, and Drakken and Shego's change of skin color. Kim said that the changes on her outfit were because she thought it was too cartoony (Ironically enough, the film is based on a cartoon).
    • On that topic, she also looks at the camera in a very meta way, which wasn't featured in the series. This remark also feels more like a jab to the series rather than a homage.
  7. Compared to the original source material, the jokes in this movie are very hit-or-miss.
  8. Bad acting from most of the main cast, including Sadie Stanley's performance as the titular character.
  9. Very cheap and poor special effects for late-2010s standards and even for Disney Channel TV movie standards, especially the laughably bad CGI used for Rufus (see #18).
  10. Cringeworthy and laughable dialogue, such as the infamous "I want to be a dog" line.
  11. Most of the characters are miscast and barely resemble their original animated counterparts;
    • While the outfit Sadie wears looks kind of good on her, she feels more like a random choice to play Kim Possible, and she also looks way too young for the character.
    • EriKa Tham is seriously miscast as Bonnie Rockwaller because Bonnie is a brunette Caucasian, not a black-haired Asian, which can already be considered whitewashing.
    • Steve Barkin hardly even resembles his animated counterpart in any way. In the original cartoon, he is muscular-built with brown hair, but here in the film he is bald and obese-built. Although unintentional, he even looks uncannily similar in appearance to Bertram Winkle from the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie.
  12. Athena is a very pointless and unnecessary character because her assistance to Kim and Ron disrupts the dynamic teamwork they were always known for and her role is kind of a rehash of Eric's role from Kim Possible: So the Drama. The plot twist of her being a robot was an obvious attempt to make her survive the explosion under the G-rating rules.
    • The revelation that Athena is evil feels very rushed and forced, unlike Eric's evil revelation which is much better-written and executed.
    • Speaking of which, the film's plot is basically a gender-swapped rehash of Kim Possible: So the Drama, where this time it is Kim who is facing jealousy over a far superior girl who turns out to be evil (Athena) instead of vice-versa with Ron facing jealousy over a far superior guy turns out to be evil (Eric).
    • The revelation that Athena was created as part of Drakken's evil plan to demote and humiliate Kim into a total weakling is just as stupid as it sounds, even for a supervillain like Drakken.
  13. The scene involving the removal of Rufus's childhood history with Ron and replacing it with Rufus being a stolen lab rat makes absolutely no sense, and not to mention, consequently makes Kim and Ron's first encounter with Rufus seem rather unethical because they stole him rather than own him.
  14. Monique (Kim's friend from the cartoon) is nowhere to be found in this movie.
  15. The film tries too hard to be hip and "modernly", using outdated slang and bad marks, electronic gadgets, as well as over-reliance on selfies.
  16. Kim does so many unnecessary flips and backflips, such as doing a backflip just to pick up paper off the ground.
  17. There is a pointless scene of Athena and Kim bouncing around their room dancing to Poppy Blu's music which goes on for way too long and serves no purpose in the film whatsoever other than just filler.
  18. Despite being a main character from the TV series, Rufus doesn't have that much focus in the film. In the series, Rufus was revealed to be an intelligent mole rat that can do a lot and could even provide comic relief like his owner Ron, but in the film, the only thing he's done was simply push a button.
    • On that topic, the CGI for Rufus is laughably bad and therefore is creepy and hideous to look at. He's nowhere near as cute as his cartoon version.
  19. Heaps of plot holes.
    • Why does Kim still continue to be friends with Athena despite the fact that she is revealed to be evil all along and tried to make Kim look bad so many times throughout the film? While it’s true that Kim may have been willing to forgive her, but it feels rushed.
    • How does Drakken becoming more invincible with Athena's robot powers turn him back into a child in the process? Wouldn't it make more sense if it turned him blue?
  20. There's an infamous scene where Shego makes a feminist preach to Drakken by the film's climax for no reason other than woke pandering, which is when Drakken calls out his henchmen to attack Athena and Kim "Henchmen, attack!", only for Shego to correct him with "HENCH-WOMEN, attack!", which mainly doesn't work because most of the film was spent with the title character associated with being heroic moping, crying, sabotaging missions purely for attention and doing almost little to nothing heroic, making the line feel a lot more out of place.
  21. It most likely killed the Kim Possible franchise as there are no further productions based on Kim Possible after this film, other than a five-short miniseries titled Kim Hushable.
  22. The marketing of the film was a bit poor. While the teaser trailer received positive reviews, the official trailer received a lot of dislikes from fans of the original.
  23. False advertising: Despite the film's intro (a good recreation of the intro from the TV series) depicting a scene of Kim as a cheerleader, she is never shown to be a cheerleader in the actual film.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The plot of having to live under someone else's shadow is pretty realistic and reasonable.
    • The attempt of making Kim more flawed and a more emotional approach to the character in live-action has potential as a decent protagonist and heroine in an attempt to make the character more relatable to it's target audience of children and pre-teens, but sadly it is executed poorly at the cost of severely dialing down most of her strengths and qualities in the process.
  2. It has a pretty good recreation of the intro from the TV series, along with Kim's famous "What's the sitch?" line.
  3. Patton Oswalt reprises his role as Professor Dementor from the cartoon, and while he looks different from the cartoon version (both costume and appearance), Oswalt still does a decent performance as Dementor.
  4. There are a few nice references to the cartoon, like the sign near Middleton High changing every time it appears.
  5. Nancy Cartwright reprises her role as Rufus from the cartoon.
  6. Kim's original voice actress, Christy Carlson Romano, makes a cameo appearance in the movie as the popular singer Poppy Blu.
  7. Sean Giambrone is a spot-on casting choice as Ron Stoppable, as he both looks and sounds perfectly just like the character.
  8. Connie Ray's role for Nana Possible gave a good performance, giving the character a more realistic approach.


The film received extremely negative reviews from fans of the cartoon and currently holds a 3.6/10 rating on IMDb. Despite this, it received high reviews from critics by being presumably the only film on this wiki to hold a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (though it should be noted that this still remains today with only 6 reviews with no critical consensus), but the audience score is 29% and is widely regarded by many people as one of the worst films of 2019.


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