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Killer Piñata

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Killer Piñata
Did they even try?
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Stephen Tramontana
Produced By: Jennifer Kunkel
Written By: Megan Macmanus
Stephen Tramontana
Starring: Lindsay Ashcroft
Nate Bryan
Billy Chengary
Cinematography: Paul Summers
Distributed By: Angry Mule Productions
Release Date: December 5, 2015
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $3 thousand
Box Office: $5 thousand
Franchise: Killer Piñata
Sequel: Killer Piñata 2: More Of Them

Killer Piñata is a 2015 Comedy "Horror" film made by Angry Mule Productions.


A piñata begins to kill a group of friends, one by one, as revenge for the torture and savagery humanity has inflicted on his people.

Why It Can Go Die

  1. First off, the idea of making a horror film about a Piñata is incredibly stupid and painfully bad.
  2. Despite being rated PG-13, there's an overuse of the word "Fuck" and at one point, a guy humps the piñata.
  3. The Piñata itself is hardly intimidating, which is unacceptable because of most horror movies (Yes, Even bad movies like The Banana Splits Movie) NEED a scary protagonist.
  4. The death scenes are very painful to watch due to how horrible the special effects on them are.
  5. Like Thankskilling, the main problem with the film is that It's way too low-budget, and it has no reason to exist.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The movie can be considered funny due to how bad it is.
  2. Funny and cute poster with the Piñata being well-animated alongside a human.



The film has a 4.2 on IMDB, criticizing the movie for how stupid it is.


  • There's a sequel called More Of Them, but considering how there's been no news of it for 3 years, it might have been cancelled.

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