Keith Lemon: The Film

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This movie isn't "sha-ting!!!"

Keith Lemon: The Film is a 2012 British comedy produced by Generator Entertainment, Molinare Studio, and Northern Ireland Screen, distributed by Lionsgate, and based on the television character Keith Lemon created by Leigh Francis first appearing on Channel 4's Bo Selecta. The film stars Leigh Francis (who's also co-writer), Verne Troyer, Kevin Bishop, Laura Aikman and Kelly Brook, and co-written with Francis by Paul Angunawela (who was also director).

Why It Sucks

  1. The plot is unsubstantial.
  2. The comedy solely consists of aggressively vulgar sexual references, gross-out humor, outdated references and awkward jokes that just fall flat. In fact that's what the plot is in general.
  3. Pointless scenes that don't offer much to the plot, or lack thereof in this case.
  4. Pointless cameos by David Hasselhoff, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Gary Barlow, Jedward, Vernon Kay and hundreds of others.
  5. Keith's smart phone somehow magically directs him to Archimedes' (Verne Troyer) place, but it's never explained how it's magic. The phone never gets used by Keith again later in the film.
  6. Everyone's faces near the end go "wonky" due to Keith's Lemon Phone and they all then hate him, but it's never explained how.
  7. Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) is flatly characterized as a highly stereotypical "dirty man" who only talks about sex and his ego who cheats on his pregnant girlfriend whilst she's been kidnapped.
  8. Keith just saves Rosie (Laura Aikman) by dropping into the warehouse she's in and falling onto Evil Steve and then that's it. It just ends there.
  9. Creepy Rubber Masks
  10. Too many pop culture references
  11. Useless references to Leigh Francis's other show, the infamous gross out Bo Selecta, which he just threw in all the characters in scenes (Like The Bear, Mel B and in the beginning his Dreadful Craig David impression)
  12. Repetitive soundtrack.


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