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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Jurassic world fallen kingdom ver3 xlg.jpg
The only thing that fell was the series.
Genre: Action
Directed By: J.A. Bayona
Produced By: Frank Marshall
Patrick Crowley
Belén Atienza
Written By: Derek Connolly
Colin Trevorrow
Based On: Characters
by Michael Crichton
Starring: Chris Pratt
Bryce Dallas Howard
Rafe Spall
Justice Smith
Daniella Pineda
James Cromwell
Toby Jones
Ted Levine
B.D. Wong
Isabella Sermon
Geraldine Chaplin
Jeff Goldblum
Photography: Color
Cinematography: Óscar Faura
Distributed By: Universal Pictures
Release Date: May 21, 2018 (WiZink Center)
June 6, 2018 (International)
June 22, 2018 (United States)
Runtime: 128 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $170–187 million
Box Office: $1.310 billion
Franchise: Jurassic Park
Prequel: Jurassic World
Sequel: Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a 2018 American science fiction action-adventure film directed by J.A. Bayona and a sequel to Jurassic World, serving as the fifth film in the Jurassic Park franchise. The film premiered in Madrid on May 21, 2018, and was released internationally on June 6, 2018, and was released in the United States on June 22, 2018. A sequel titled Jurassic World Dominion was released on June 10, 2022, with Trevorrow returning to direct.


Three years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing return to the island of Isla Nublar to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that's about to erupt. They soon encounter terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinosaurs, while uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire planet.

Bad Qualities

  1. It is never clear what is supposed to have happened to Site B from the previous films, despite using a quote from John Hammond at the end of The Lost World: Jurassic Park and so implying The Lost World did in fact happen, and speaking of that, it begins similarly to that film with the obvious villains bringing the protagonists to the island and then betraying them for their own personal gain.
  2. The Mosasaurus' pen was moved from the middle of the island to the edge in-between films. It has apparently been in this pen the whole time, leading to questions about what exactly it is supposed to have been eating, even with its bizarre psychic ability to sense things that are going on above it; it also doesn't help that the pen, for some reason, suddenly has a giant gate whose only function is allowing it to escape into the open ocean.
  3. Despite appearing heavily in the trailers and posters, the T. rex only appears a handful of times; also, a new hybrid dinosaur, the Indoraptor, is only mentioned briefly beforehand and is only seen at the end of the film.
    • Speaking of said trailers, they pretty much spoiled the entire movie, like how Dr. Ian Malcolm's appearance in the trailers is literally all of his scenes in the film, which got wasted to a very brief cameo.
  4. Weak visuals, with the yellow submarine at the beginning of the film sticking out like a sore thumb.
  5. The Stygimoloch can break through a brick wall and send people literally flying three meters into the air, despite many of the other large dinosaurs being normally unable to break through iron bars.
  6. There are issues with every single character in the film:
    • Franklin Webb is a cowardly IT-esque character whose only purpose to the trip is to... open a door, and Zia Rodriguez is a "strong and independent" paleo-veterinarian. Neither of these characters has any personality and they barely serve any real purpose in the story; in fact, these two specific characters disappear halfway through and only come back to save Blue.
    • Maisie Lockwood is just an annoying kid character; she is also a clone of her "mother," which is bizarre and unnecessary, only being used to create an ending that makes very little sense.
    • Blue is inconsistent with her portrayal in the previous film; in the previous film she was portrayed as a vicious and unpredictable animal who will gladly bite the hand that feeds her, yet here she is the nicest raptor ever who has always liked Owen.
  7. Owen and Claire's relationship is pointlessly reset to how it was at the start of the previous film just so they can fall in love again.
  8. Laughable dialogue, particularly "Raptors are the second-most intelligent life."
  9. Most of the characters from the previous film do not seem to even exist anymore, including Hoskins as well as Zack and Grey (Claire's nephews) and even the Dimorphodons.
  10. The film tries to create a conflict between whether to save the dinosaurs or to let them die, constantly referring to the incidents in the previous films as evidence for both but the film does a poor job at its moral message by choosing one side over the other and having unlikable characters push this message.
  11. During the ending, the dinosaurs are about to all die in their cages from a leak of some form of poisonous gas; the main characters are given a choice to either save the dinosaurs or to let them die once and for all, and it comes down to Claire Dearing, who decides to let them die as they have been known to be dangerous and deadly around other people, as seen in the previous installments. However, Maisie decides to release them because... she is "one of them" (a clone).
    • Maisie has had a traumatic experience with the dinosaurs tearing people apart and the Indoraptor, in particular, chasing her around her house; a small girl her age (twelve) normally would not be in the right set of mind or mood.
    • Allowing the dinosaurs to live rather than die ruins a potentially emotional ending that would've made genuine changes to the series.
    • By freeing the dinosaurs, this means the carnivores are also free. The ending shows a T. rex at a zoo, a place usually filled with innocent families; the freed dinosaurs would also cause destruction and potentially slaughter innocent people, and yet this is played out as a "happy ending."
    • Due to the aforementioned fact that the dinosaurs would be poorly-suited to fighting humans, any escaped dinosaurs would be either rounded back up, shot by private citizens, or killed by National Guardsmen within days; so releasing them, at best, ensured they'd be captured again and at worst just got them all killed in a slightly different way.
    • Most of the younger dinosaurs would be the result of natural reproduction, as noted in Jurassic Park, rather than all of them still being clones, so her claim of fellowship with them is dubious, to say the least.
  12. The film doesn't focus on Isla Nublar that much, as it focuses more on the Lockwood Mansion for the second and third acts.
    • It also forgets about the Mosasaurus until the end of the movie.
  13. The Indoraptor's role in the film is wasted, it could have been teased for the next movie as a villain.
  14. Tons of plot holes and inconsistencies:
    • It was established Blue could smell for around a mile, so there is no way Owen's gang would have logically been able to sneak upon him.
    • Why would Claire want to help save the dinosaurs after the events of Jurassic World?
    • It also doesn't matter if Owen was active with the dinosaurs, the volcanic ash would have burnt his skin and killed him in real life; now, one might argue that this is a fictional universe, but humans and volcanoes here are clearly meant to be based on the ones in real life.
    • There is no reason Eli Mills and Wheatley could not have just killed Owen and Claire or even fed them to the Indoraptor (other than being total smug snakes), since, as far as everyone else is aware, Owen and Claire were killed on the island.
    • The Indoraptor is not even needed to hit the target, since the hunters are already pointing a gun at the target with their dino lasers. It is also very unlikely the dinosaurs would already be obedient to the commands; in other words, the movie's entire plot is completely pointless.
    • The Indoraptor, which has the genetics of a Velociraptor, can also smell for a mile, so Claire, Owen, and Maisie logically would not have been able to sneak past the Indoraptor without being detected.
    • When the Indoraptor was trying to sneak up on Maisie when she was in bed, Owen could have used the laser pointer on the creature and tricked it into eating itself alive.
    • Finally, the ending has an older Ian Malcolm announcing Jurassic World, even though this would've been shut down within days since humans have firearms and would either capture or kill the dinosaurs within days.
    • For some reason, they don't just use radar or a tracker to ensure the Mosasaurus is in its tank so they can remove it from there or at least distract it before getting DNA from the remains of the Indominus rex.
  15. Bland and stereotypical villains with cheap and uninspired motivations, like Eli Mills, who served no purpose to the story:
      • They plan to sell off the surviving dinosaurs to bidders around the world and create an army of dinosaurs for future wars, even though dinosaurs would do no good in a war zone; the film tries to gloss over this by bringing up the use of other animals in warfare (including diseased rats) as if these were in some way comparable, but the number of situations where a large, dangerous and fairly stupid animal would be capable of making any difference on a present-day battlefield would be so small as to basically be non-existent. There is a reason no military in the world fields war-elephants or -lions.
      • The system used to control the Indoraptor also has some obvious logical issues, as it is a line-of-sight laser pointer attached to a gun; it is unclear as to why they did not just pull the trigger on the gun to shoot what they're pointing at instead of pressing the dinosaur button.
      • Their plan to use the dinosaur clones for military combat is also a blatant copy of Clone High, in which the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures intends to use Scudworth's clones of historical figures as super soldiers for military use.
      • They are also oblivious to rather obvious things; particularly, they fail to notice a truck jumping from a pier onto the back of their ship, then fail to notice the loud roaring of a T. rex in the hold.
      • Their plot also depends entirely on Blue still being alive, something they logically shouldn't know, as well as them being able to find her before the volcano erupts.
  16. The soundtrack, although good, has been criticized by certain folks for its repetitivity and large over usage of choir vocals.

Good Qualities

  1. The Brachiosaurus' death scene is one of the most emotional and heart-tugging scenes in the entire franchise.
    • It was also confirmed to be the brachiosaurus from the first movie, making it even more emotional.
  2. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard still give amazing performances, and their characters are still decent protagonists.
  3. Great soundtrack (despite the criticism as mentioned above), particularly the original themes composed by John Williams.
  4. The scenes with the baby raptor squad are not only adorable, but they also remember Delta, Charley, and Echo, the other raptors who died in the previous film.
  5. The Indoraptor was a decent successor over the Indominus rex, despite having poor execution.
  6. Decent direction by J. A. Bayona.
  7. The tone is much darker, which is a welcome change of pace and leads to some legit scary scenes.
  8. Like the previous films, the visual effects are still good.
  9. Its interesting return of Ian Malcolm, following his absence in Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World.
  10. There's plenty of great and iconic references from Jurassic Park.
  11. The cinematography is decent.
  12. Although Blue is inconsistent to how she was in the previous film, she is a bit more likable here (depending on your view).
  13. At least this film didn't kill the franchise. If so, we wouldn't be getting the third film Jurassic World: Dominion in 2022.


Critical response

Despite being a box office success, it received mixed reviews, who praised Pratt and Howard's performances, Bayona's direction, the visuals, and the darker tone, while others suggested the series had run its course, criticizing its screenplay and narrative. It currently holds a 48% "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 364 reviews, with an audience score of 51% and an average rating of 5.5/10 and a critic consensus that reads "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom adds another set piece-packed entry to the blockbuster franchise, although genuinely thrilling moments are in increasingly short supply.". On Metacritic, the film has a score of 51/100 based on 59 critic reviews and it got a 6.2/10 on IMDb.

Fan reaction to the movie however was negative. Many have criticized the film's stupidity and some of the dinosaur designs such as the Baryonyx for looking very different from the official website art and having croc-like features. And believing the Indoraptor was just tacked on with no build up to it what so ever. But many felt the scene with the Brachiosaurus death was one of the most emotional moments in the entire series.

Box office

It performed well at the box office, grossed $417.7 million in the United States and Canada, and $892.7 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $1.310 billion, against a production budget of $170 million. The film crossed the $1 billion mark on July 5, 2018, becoming the 35th film of all time to reach this milestone, and the seventh film for Universal. It also made Universal the second studio (after Disney) to have at least two films in three different franchises make $1 billion worldwide, alongside Fast & Furious and Despicable Me. Although the sequel is confirmed for 2022, in July 2018, Legendary Entertainment announced that they were unsure about their involvement with the third film, as their deal with Universal was set to expire at the end of the year, due to massive terrible box office performance. This was officially confirmed in 2021.


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