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Jurassic Attack

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Jurassic Attack
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Go watch Jurassic park instead of this Ripoff.
Genre: Horror
Directed By: Anthony Fankhauser
Written By: Rafael Jordan
Starring: Gary Stretch
Corin Nemec
Vernon Wells
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Little Dragon Productions
Release Date: February 22, 2013
Runtime: 83 Minutes
Country: United States

Jurassic Attack is a 2013 science-fiction "movie" directed by Anthony Fankhauser and written by Rafael Jordan.


A helicopter carrying an elite commando squad crashes on an island where pretty much every living creature is a dinosaur. The soldiers need to escape from the island before they become dinosaur food.

Why It Sucks

  1. The film is a knock-off to Jurassic Park. Not helping matters is that this film was released just two months before JP's 3D re-release.
  2. The effects used for the dinosaurs are poorly made. When they're supposed to be running, it looks like they're hovering above the ground.
  3. The plot is paper-thin and poorly made.
  4. The island itself doesn't make sense at all. It's supposed to reside in South America, be enigmatic, and no one has found it until the soldiers accidentally found it. But it's almost guaranteed that, at the very least, someone has somehow heard of it before, when there are huge dinosaurs in it. Especially since it's supposed to be science fiction and be in the future.
    • Besides, there is no sort of valid explanation on why the dinosaurs are still alive.
  5. All the characters are clichéd. There's the goofy mad scientist that has no personality other than that he's crazy, there's the bad girl that likes guns and fighting, there's the no-nonsense badass that screams all the time for no reason, and there's the character that is only in the movie to die.
  6. The viewers are supposed to root for the heroes, but it's impossible to root for them when all they do is harass the mad scientist and destroy the lives of animals and nature.
  7. For some reason, they let the T-Rex eat the mad scientist despite the fact that he was willing to help them. Their reasoning for this is most likely because he was crazy.
  8. The T-Rex's death is extremely anti-climatic since only one gunshot is enough to kill it.

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