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Joe's Apartment was a 1996 Live-Action-CGI comedy film directed by John Payson and distributed by Warner Bros.The film was based off a short film, Joe’s Apt.. (which was used as filler between commercials on MTV) This was also the first film made by MTV Films as well as being animated by Blue Sky Studios (the same company who made Ice Age). The film was both a critical and commercial failure.


The plot follows a man named Joe, who moves from Iowa to New York City. Joe moves into a run down apartment infested with singing, dancing, anthropomorphic cockroaches. The cockroaches soon become Joe's best friends. Meanwhile, Senator Dougherty intends to demolish the building to build a prison.

Why It Sucks

  1. The concept is just plain ridiculous.
  2. The humor is really disgusting.
  3. Acting that ranges from awful to annoying.
  4. The cockroaches themselves look both horrifying and very repulsive. This isn't helped by the fact that we also have close-up shots of them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. While they are disgusting, the cockroach animation was very impressive for the time.
  2. The songs are somewhat decent.


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