Ivan The Incredible

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More like an Ordinary Hero to an Extraordinary Zero.

Ivan The Incredible is an American animated comedy action film made in 2012, it is based off of the book, Jelly Tarzan.


When young bullied boy name Ivan stumbles upon a kind-hearted witch who grants him a potion which gives him the ability to be "the best at everything", he uses this to get the respect that he devises.

Why This Film Is Not Incredible

  1. To get the Elephant-Out-Of-The-Room, this film is infamous for being extremely mean-spirited, due to the huge amount of mistreatment Ivan gets though out the whole film.
  2. It is utterly forgettable and cliche.
  3. The film is a shameful rip-off of Chicken Little with similarities of how the characters are liars similar to the Boy Who Cried Wolf folktale.
  4. Very poor character design, some of which are rip straight out of Freddy Frogface.
  5. Horrible and hideous animation that looks like something out of a PlayStation 2 game.
  6. Ivan's Father is extremely unlikable and is one of the worst characters in the whole film, he forces Ivan to climb up a tree to impress his rival (the Butcher), embarrasses Ivan by calling him a Jelly Tarzan in front of everyone after the latter fell off the tree, which causes them to laugh at poor Ivan, and after finding out that Ivan has the ability to be the best at everything, he uses him to be famous.
    • On that subject, he's also a basic "I'm the greatest at everything" when in truth he's actually a loser.
  7. Mean-spirited and unlikable characters, the only nice ones are Ivan, the girl and the witch.
  8. Though out the film there's this random male teenager who's usually seen with Ivan's soon to be girl-friend, but he plays no real role other then filler.
  9. No real villains/antagonist, the closest are Ivan's bullies, the female bully's father and Ivan's father who have no reason to physically abuse Ivan.
  10. False advertising for two following reasons.
    1. There's an explosion in the background of the blocks of the houses, but that never happens in the actual film.
    2. There's a Gym Manager and a dog that also appears in the box art, you would think that they would also be the main characters as well, but in the case with the Gym Manager, he only appears in the one scene were he "trains" Ivan and is never seen again after kicking him out, and in the case with the dog, he never appears in the film.
  11. Near the end of the film, Ivan does give his father some well deserve comprehend by flinging him up to a tree and forcing him to climb up the tree like he did to Ivan earlier, but after Ivan's father falls and whimpers, Ivan immediately feels sorry for him and apologized, making that scene pointless.
  12. Many pointless filler, such as the bike race scene.
  13. Near the climax of the film, Ivan spares the Female Bully's father, you would think that she would respect Ivan for his kind-heart nature and be nice to him, but near the end of the film after finding out that Ivan is back to normal, the Female Bully chooses to bully Ivan again, completely ignoring the fact that Ivan had the kind heart to spare the father of the kid who bullied him.
    1. It also gives out a bad lesson for kids, in that it is OK for kids to bully other kids even if they stood up for you, Seriously.
  14. Very poor ending of the film that comes off EXTREMELY insulting, as Ivan gets bullied, the girl comes in and stands up for him, but that unfortunately leads her to also get bullied by the female bully as well, and after that, both Ivan and the girl hold hands, indicating that they are in love, this part is trying to convinces that would be a very happy ending.
    1. But its actually kind of horrifying if you think about as now both Ivan and the girl are gonna get bullied forever, even worst is that the Witch leaves, so Ivan can't get his ability to be the best at everything, so basically, Ivan's screwed.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The soundtrack is enjoyable.
  2. The film has a really good moral, in that it is to be yourself.
  3. The hand-drawn animations during Ivan's Father's backstory segments look fantastic, and give of a Hanna-Barbara cartoon-like tone.
  4. While having a rather ugly design, Ivan is at the very least nice, and is one of the very few likeable characters.
  5. There are some funny moments.
  6. The scene were Ivan's father confess to his son that he is not the so called "greatest at everything" is a well written scene.