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Holmes & Watson
Holmes & Watson.png
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be rolling in his grave at this...
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Etan Cohen
Produced By: Will Ferrell
Adam McKay
Jimmy Miller
Clayton Townsend
Written By: Etan Cohen
Based On: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Starring: Will Ferrell
John C. Reilly
Rebecca Hall
Ralph Fiennes
Rob Brydon
Kelly Macdonald
Cinematography: Oliver Wood
Distributed By: Sony Pictures Releasing
Release Date: December 25, 2018
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $42 million
Box Office: $41.9 million

Holmes & Watson is a 2018 American mystery buddy comedy film written and directed by Etan Cohen. The film stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as the eponymous characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, respectively; with Rebecca Hall, Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan, and Ralph Fiennes in supporting roles. The plot follows the famed detective duo as they set out to find the culprit behind a threat at Buckingham Palace.


Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson join forces to investigate a mysterious murder at Buckingham Palace. It seems like an open-and-shut case as all signs point to Professor James Moriarty, the criminal mastermind and longtime nemesis of the crime-solving duo. When new twists and clues begin to emerge, the world's greatest sleuth and his trusted assistant must now use their legendary wits and ingenious methods to catch the killer before the queen becomes the next victim.

Why It Sucks

  1. It came out way too late to be relevant, as it's supposed to be a parody of the Sherlock HolmesGMW movie by Guy Ritchie - released all the way back in 2009.
    • On top of that, the stories have already been parodied countless times before, so this is nothing fresh.
  2. It is disrespectful and insulting to the original Sherlock Holmes stories. The whole movie speaks for itself.
  3. Generic plot that doesn't really stand out from any other detective film, even as a Sherlock Holmes parody film.
  4. The humor is unfunny and is basically the same joke about something in modern times (the late 20th century to the present day) existing in the time of Sherlock Holmes for 90 minutes.
    • It has the need to shove in pointless and unnecessary political humor with references to Donald Trump, the 'Special Relationship' policy and such.
    • There is a scenario that involves the Titanic (which doesn't make sense since the Titanic didn't sail until 1912 and the events of Sherlock was during the mid-to-late 1800s) including a small cameo "joke" with actor Billy Zane, where he appears for no reason other than to make a (odd) homage and/or joke to the 1997 Titanic movie.
    • The film literally starts with a direct shoutout to Hannah Montana, in a film set in the 1800s.
    • There are also random appearances from famous people like Harry Houdini and Albert Einstein, despite both men being in their teens at the time.
  5. Immature humor, such as Sherlock making jokes about masturbation.
    • Speaking of which, there are very gross scenes like the infamous "vomiting scene". Another scene involves Watson and his love interest rubbing cake all over a dead body.
  6. Poor pacing, with some scenes being incredibly long.
  7. It barely does a good job as a "parody" of the character.
  8. The sets are nothing special.
  9. Terrible acting.
  10. Holmes is inconsistently portrayed: he is either actually intelligent or a typical Will Ferrell manchild character, depending on the scene.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There is at least one moment worthy of a chuckle, that being a scene where Watson tries to shoo away bees while shooting them.
  2. Watson gets a badass moment at the end where he disposes of a timebomb via brute force, unintentionally killing the villains in the process.
  3. Good soundtrack by Mark Mothersbaugh.


Holmes & Watson was universally panned by critics and audiences, who lamented its poor script, dated and unfunny jokes and its squandering of the cast and source material. On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film at first held an approval rating of 0% "rotten" before moving to 10% based on 77 reviews, with a weighted average of 3.03/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "The lowest and vilest alleys in London do not present a more dreadful record of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson than does Holmes and Watson.". On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 24 out of 100, based on 23 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "D+" on an A+ to F scale, while those at PostTrak gave it one out of five stars and a 30% "definite recommend". It currently has a 3.8 on IMDB as well. Some people are even calling it the worst film of 2018.

The film was so bad that reports were claiming that the movie made people walk out of the theater. It was also discovered that Sony had wanted to ship the movie off to Netflix (showing they had little faith in it), but Netflix refused. Critic's screenings were also out of the question, apparently.

Box Office

The film opened up at #7 on its opening weekend grossing $7,411,522 domestically. It later grossed $30,573,626. In foreign markets, the film grossed $9,893,344. Overall, the film grossed $41.9 million worldwide against its $42 million budget.

Awards and nominations

The film won the "Worst Picture" award at the 39th Golden Raspberry Awards, it also won "Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel", "Worst Supporting Actor" (for John C. Reilly) and "Worst Director" (for Etan Cohen), and was also nominated for "Worst Screen Combo" (for Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly) and "Worst Actor" (for Will Ferrell).




Pinky Malinky

26 months ago
Score 4
Maybe one of the worst comedy films ever made?


26 months ago
Score 1
Possibly, but not as worst as Freddy Got Fingered!

Pinky Malinky

26 months ago
Score 1
Oh god, I heard that movie was destroyed by critics. And I've seen some things about it.


20 months ago
Score 0
Freddy Got Fingered did get destruction from critics and audiences.


15 months ago
Score 1
Remember those awful parody movies by Seltzer and Friedberg? This movie is just like them, but in the 2010s, so it's ridiculously outdated.


12 months ago
Score 2
Me and my best friend walked out within 20 minutes of this film.


8 months ago
Score 0
I don't blame them!


10 months ago
Score 1
I'm regretting seeing this on Christmas Day, and I'm ashamed of that action.


8 months ago
Score 2
So, you're ashamed of regretting seeing it on Christmas?


7 months ago
Score 0
My parents like this movie


5 months ago
Score 0
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be rolling furiously in his grave.

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