Hell and Back

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Welcome to Hell.

Hell and Back is a 2015 stopmotion adult animated film directed by Tom Gianas (whom also wrote the film) and Ross Shuman. It was produced by ShadowMachine Films and distributed by Freestyle Releasing. The film was released on October 2, 2015.


The film follows Remy, a young man who works at a failing carnival with his childhood friends, Auggie and Curt. One night, after Remy borrows a spellbook with a crying Devil from a fortune teller, he and Curt make the blood oath on the book for a mint. After Curt doesn't repay Remy, a portal opens up and sends him to Hell. Now Remy and Auggie must journey into Hell before Curt is sacrificed by the Devil.

Why It Sucks

  1. The story is ridiculous.
  2. The animation is hideous.
  3. The characters are unpleasant and unlikable, especially Remy.
  4. Gross-out humor galore.
  5. Waste of talented actors including Nick Swardson, T.J. Miller, Mila Kunis, Bob Odenkirk, Rob Riggle, Danny McBride, and Susan Sarandon among several others.
  6. In one scene, a character literally uses the N-word, which is very racist.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the hideous animation, the character models are very smooth.
  2. The voice acting is decent.
  3. Great soundtrack.