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The actress who played the title character is rolling her grave in harmony after seeing this film she starred in.

Harmony (full title Harmony: The Five Frequencies Part 1, and also Absolution) is a 2018 low budget Australian independent fantasy film produced by Cowlick Entertainment Group. The film stars Jessica Falkholt, Jerome Meyer, and Eamon Farren, and was written and directed by Corey Pearson.

Why It Sucks

  1. There isn't really any sort of main plot until 30 minutes in. Before that, it's just a series of different scenes that are supposed to show off Harmony (Jessica Falkholt) and Mason's (Jerome Meyer) character.
  2. Weird and awkward dialogue that makes Shyamalan's film dialogue sound coherent.
  3. The extent of Harmony's powers is not really defined. She can absorb people's fear but can also see it when they touch her? She needs water to dispel the fear in her but can also bleed it out later when about to be killed by Jimmy? Her abilities can apparently also get rid of someone's stuttering, which is a speech disorder and not a fear so … okay.
    1. At the end, she can't get rid of the fear from inside her whilst being held under a shower due to having too much, so she must be placed in the ocean to release it all. How does the amount of fear define the amount of water she needs, and how much fear is too much for her to hold?
  4. Where in North America the film is set is unclear. Are we in L.A. or in New York?
  5. Australian trains are shown, which makes it hard to believe we're in America.
  6. Few times do the Australian actor's American accents not sound entirely believable.
  7. Jimmy (Eamon Farren), and his gang, are just a bunch of two-dimensional psychotic bullies who seem to do evil things for sake of it. Why is he so evil, what made him want to act like this, we don't know.
  8. How rich Mason is is not really elaborated upon or what he or his parents do to have such wealth. He just has money.
  9. Mason just randomly whilst driving has a traumatic flashback of a car accident involving him and we assume are his dad and brother, which killed them. Who exactly they are though is never properly explained or mentioned of again.
  10. Mason meets a homeless guy (Tiriel Mora) who says he'll help him answer his questions about life. We never see this happen afterwards or of the homeless guy again.


  • Jessica Falkholt died in a car crash 10 months before the film's release.[1]



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