Halloween (2007)

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Halloween (2007)
Genre: Horror
Starring: Malcolm McDowell
Sheri Moon Zombie
Tyler Mane
Scout Taylor-Compton
Brad Dourif
Danielle Harris
William Forsythe
Release Date: August 31, 2007
Runtime: 110 minutes
Country: United States
Sequel: Halloween II

Halloween is a 2007 Rob Zombie remake of the 1978 horror-thriller classic of the same name and the overall ninth installment of the Halloween film franchise.


After being committed to a mental institution for 17 years, Michael Myers is now a grown man and still very dangerous. He escapes from the mental institution and immediately returns to Haddonfield to find his baby sister, Laurie.

Bad Qualities

  1. The first half of the film is Michael as a kid and shows him having a stereotypical and clichéd "messed up childhood results in homicidal maniac" backstory.
  2. The film gives Michael WAY too much character and backstory, which just takes away the mysterious evil that lurks within him.
  3. The fact that Michael (as a child) talks also takes away what made him so intimidating.
  4. The film contains several stereotypes, like how young Michael Myers was basically an "edgy, weird kid that everyone hates".
  5. Several plotholes here and there in the film, like how Michael was able to bury his mask and knife under a wooden floor shortly after killing three of his family members.
  6. A few of the characters have changed significantly, such as Lynda (who was a cheery, likable teen girl in the original) becoming a very bitchy, foul-mouthed and somewhat rude person.
  7. Rob Zombie was a weak and poor choice to direct this film.
  8. The fact that Michael actually cares about his long-lost sister, Laurie Strode, instead of trying to kill her is another disloyalty to Michael’s character.
  9. A few of the characters from Michael’s childhood (like his stepdad, Ronnie and older sister, Judith) are extremely unlikable and are basically the reason he became who he currently is as an adult.
  10. Some of the scenes are completely stolen from the original, like how Michael stalks Laurie outside her window at school and disappears in the next shot.
  11. The infamous deleted scene where two custodians rape a young woman in a cell (before they're thankfully killed by Michael).

Good Qualities

  1. While not as good as the original, the actors' performances are still pretty decent, like Tyler Mane's performance as Michael Myers and Malcolm McDowell's performance as Dr. Harold Loomis.
  2. The death scenes are still brutal, such as the scene where Michael beats his bully to death with a tree branch or the part where Michael duct-tapes his stepfather, Ronnie, to a chair before slitting his throat with a kitchen knife.
  3. Michael's mask and attire designs are very creepy.
  4. They got Danielle Harris (who played Jamie Lloyd from the original Halloween series) to play a role in this remake.
  5. It's somewhat better then the more horrid sequel that followed it.
  6. Most of the soundtrack is pretty good and sounds very close to the original.
  7. The scene where Michael's mother kills herself is very heartbreaking.
  8. A few scenes are actually quite better than the original, like the scenes where Michael kills the entire mental institution staff before escaping and how we get to see Michael kill the man (Joe Grizzly) he took his clothes from.


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