Gun Self-Defense for Women

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Gun Self-Defense for Women
Savage defense.jpg
From the creator of Cool Cat Saves the Kids, comes this...
Genre: Documentary
Directed By: Derek Savage
Written By: Derek Savage
Starring: Derek Savage
Heidi Harris
Cheryl Prater
Release Date: 2016
Runtime: 87 minutes
Country: United States

Gun Self Defense for Women, also titled Gun Self Defense for Ladies is a 2016 documentary film directed by Derek Savage. It was made to instruct people on proper self-defense and gun safety techniques.


Director and host Derek Savage teaches people gun safety and self-defense tips.

Why It Sucks

  1. As with his previous films, the editing is terrible.
    • The scene transitions are awkward, sometimes cutting off dialogue or other scenes.
    • Some of the music/titles (like the credits) are recycled from Savage's previous movies.
    • At one point, he uses green screen to project a green screen, making it pointless.
  2. There's a whole lot of irrelevant scenes to pad out the runtime.
  3. At one point, Derek talks about some recent tragic events involving violence, before then plugging his Cool Cat Saves the Kids DVD.
  4. Some of the scenes are worrying:
    • Despite it supposedly being a serious safety video, there are some scenes of Derek irresponsibly firing off his guns, or just randomly shooting like he's trying to be cool.
    • There are a number of random scenes with Derek showing off his gun "skills", as if he were trying to intimidate his trolls, but fails at it hard.
  5. The staged scenarios feature laughably bad acting and dialogue.
  6. It drags on a lot and gets boring after a while.
  7. Poor cinematography.
  8. Just like with his other films, the poster looks poor and amateurish.


  • Adam Johnston ( recorded a cameo for the movie. However, after the copyright controversy, Savage cut his cameo out.

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6 months ago
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Gun Safety Fail should be a more appropriate title

The star of your nightmares

4 months ago
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Why is it specifically for women? That definitely has some misogynistic undertones


2 months ago
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hEy! BacK uP! *holds pocket knife up*

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