Gummibär: The Yummy Gummy Search for Santa

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Gummibär: The Yummy Gummy Search for Santa is a 2012 direct-to-DVD animated film produced by Lionsgate Entertainment, based on the viral German character Gummibär.


Santa has been kidnapped by an alien. Gummibär and his friends must find and save Santa so that everyone will have presents on Christmas.

Why It Sucks

  1. Gummibär's speaking voice is that of an American child, which contrasts heavily with his Toy Story alien-like singing voice, as well as his appearance.
  2. Gummibär himself looks out of place alongside new characters like Harry the chameleon, Kala the cat, and Vampiro the vampire bat, As Harry and Vampiro look like Yooka-Laylee Rejects and Kala looks like a Star Fox Reject.
  3. Despite lasting only 45 minutes, the film has several filler scenes, such as Gummibär fishing with Santa and driving around the North Pole.
  4. The humor falls flat, with the most notable jokes being a scene where Gummibär tells children not to pilot a plane without their parents' permission and Vampiro frequently obsessing over his juice box.
  5. There is a scene in which several caribou drink alcohol and gamble despite this being a movie aimed at children.
  6. If you actually like Gummibär's songs, you will be disappointed because many of them are cut off before finishing.
  7. Scenes can be poorly edited, with obvious jump-cuts between frames during certain scenes, like Gummibär's jump during the "I'm a Gummy Bear" song.
  8. Poor and clunky animation.
  9. Awful voice acting.
  10. Poorly made plot for the film.
  11. Misleading Advertising: The cover says it "Includes the hit song 'I am a Gummy Bear,'" but the actual movie doesn't have the full song (it is cut off when an elf takes the radio from Kala).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There is one decent joke, in which Kala says that she's spent enough time with Vampiro to know what stupid is, and Vampiro doesn't react.
  2. When the plane crash lands onto the island, the way the sand reacts is surprisingly well animated.


  • Another Gummibär movie was announced in 2014 starring John Travolta, But it was never released


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