Guardianes De La Dimensión Prohibida

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Guardianes De La Dimensión Prohibida, translated in English as: "Guardians Of The Forbidden Dimention" is a Mexican film created in 1994. It currently has the same status of Bolívar El Héroe and many Latin American films, where the film is lost (as in not having had an official Home Video release), therefore making the movie hard to find. So far, only a few snippets of the full 97-minute film have surfaced on the Internet.


The movie talks about Juan, a mechanic that has premonitions and visions in his dreams in different colours and in all of his visions is involved a strange woman. His friends always tell him that use that visions to win the lottery and become wealthy, but he doesn't think he has actually superpowers.


  • Mario Almada - Guardian
  • Luis Reynoso - Juan
  • Rosy García - Lucy
  • Marcos Almada - Carlos/Morton
  • Elizabeth Macari - Kaslawa/Ambionic
  • Francisco Martínez - Yorko

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible, nonsensical and mediocre plot.
  2. Awful special effects, with one of the examples being the excessive use of chroma key.
  3. This movie has an insane abuse of color filters. At one point Jerry Nava (El Film Renegado) thought that the TV was damaged or the protagonists were tampering with the color configuration. The filters aren't a bad concept but they appear too much throughout the movie to the point where 70% of the film is comprised of it.
  4. Juan is a very weak protagonist, like Thumbelina, he can't stand for himself, if it weren't for the Guardian he'd still be dead and also he wouldn't be able to defeat Yorko.
  5. Like Super Kid and FoodFight!, the final battle is incredibly tedious and is mainly comprised of long filler sequences.
  6. The final battle lacks music and sounds! This is not bad, but only works when you know how to handle the silence, like Samurai Jack, where the silence is a key part of the suspense, but here there wasn't a justification.
    • Not helping matters is that Juan spends most of the final battle swimming!
  7. Yorko is a very clichéd villain, he never gives a reason why he wants to conquer our dimention.
  8. The fight of Juan against Yorko is very boring too.
  9. When Lucy is meditating, she looks like she's tampering with the TV colour configuration.
  10. Plot holes:
    • How or when did Juan got his powers in first place?
    • The fate of the Guardian, whether if he is dead or not, is left unjustified.
    • Nothing is explained about the story, purpose and origin of the Guardian.
  11. The ending, like the plot, is terrible, nonsensical and mediocre.
  12. Misleading title: There is no forbidden dimension.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This movie is currently lost and hard to find, it didn't even got a VHS or DVD release. The only way to watch it, is waiting that they air it in the TV.
  2. Despite the bad acting, the voice acting is quite good.
  3. Mario Almada, should had been the real protagonist of the film and actually acts quite well.
  4. This movie itself is an involuntary comedy, like Bolívar El Héroe or Super Kid. It's very funny to watch, even when it tries to be serious.


Here's the review of the movie made by Jerry Nava "El Film Renegado", watch it! He had to record directly from the TV, so forgive the quality. The title card itself was used to be on DeviantArt by an unknown artist, but it's account has been deactivated since. There is another review for an Spanish language web series "Lo Mejor de Lo Peor del Cine Mexicano". Note that there are two versions of the same review, we're linking to the longest one. Forbidden Dimension Guardians


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